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Free Candle Spells | Lucky 13 Clover Love Drawing Candle Kit

Free Candle Spells | Lucky 13 Clover Love Drawing Candle Kit The Lucky 13 Clover Love Drawing Candle Kit was designed to draw to you the love you desire. The candle kit has four distinct label design styles – one for each major ethnicity/race to give you a visual for you to gaze upon as you meditate and pray for your ideal love to come to you. The tradition of burning love candles is generations old, with love spells that range from catching another’s “eye” or attentions such as “Look Me Over” spells, to candles that incite passion such as “Love Me” or “Five of Love”, and carries the emotion through to more intimate relations with candles and products such as “C’mere Lover Man”, “Kiss me Now!” and more bold suggestive candles, including candles in the shape of genitals. In generations past, most candles that were used were hand-dipped and with a creamy color due to the mutton and other types of animal fats. They were then oiled with handmade oils that had botanicals infused in them that were traditionally held as herbs and roots for love drawing. They may also have been rolled in a mixture of crushed, dried herbs and roots after a layer of oil that was applied. Most candle burning belief systems had to do their work under a veil of secrecy for fear of discovery, so the traditional hand-dipped “taper” candle was an ideal way to conceal any candle spell work. Others may have used oil lamps, in which the petition, herbs, roots, and other materials were inserted in the lower receptacle that held the oil, and lit to burn continuously as another means of spellwork. Today, candles that are burned in the traditional 7-day “Novena” type glass candle cylinders are more efficient to the modern individual since most of us are busy and do not have the luxury of sitting for long periods of time to watch a free-standing candle burn for safety’s sake. For more information regarding the Lucky 13 Clover Love Candle and Kit, please click this link:

Lucky 13 Clover | Special of the Month

Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply is our sister Internet retailer for all things hoodoo and here is the special of the month Click here to view the Special of the Month for the month of May. This candle vigil kit is to use to attract a new love or to bring someone you want to come closer to you. Pink is the Universal color of romance, affection and tenderness, and this candle evokes all the qualities of a desired love that turns into a long lasting relationship. This kit comes with oil, herbal powder and complete instructions to light a candle burning service to attract a new love into your life. The Pink Saint Jude Love Come to Me Candle is an exclusive Lucky 13 Clover design. Price: $10.00 through May 30,...

Free Candle Spells | “30 Days to Prosperity – A Candle Vigil Guide”

Free Candle Spells | “30 Days to Prosperity – A Candle Vigil Guide” A new book from Rev. Jacqueline A. Mathers, owner and commentator of This book gives you a day-by-day walk through a month long candle burning vigil to increase your prosperity and abundance. In “30 Days to Prosperity-A Candle Vigil Guide”  you will: * Learn how to change how you view money * Learn how to set up your Money Altar * Read inspirational stories and tips on how to use the Universal power of Attraction to increase your money Order today!    ...

Free Candle Spells Marketplace | 48 Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Oils at!

Free Candle Spells Marketplace | 48 Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Oils at! Lucky 13 Clover is proud to announce that it is expanding its line of Lucky Mojo Curio Co. oils as requested by you – the  customer! Lucky Mojo blends natural oils and essences with herbs, roots and spices in the bottle for an effective spiritual oil for your personal needs. Here is the list of the Lucky Mojo Oils we have in stock and a brief description on what they are used for. You can order any of these at   LOVE OILS Follow Me Boy – makes a man follow you around like a hungry dog after a T-Bone Steak Follow Me Girl – make a girl chase you down like a cake at a kid’s birthday party Come to Me – alluring scent draws them to you like honey to the bees Lavender Love – a delightful same sex fragrance to draw a lover to you Fire of Love – when it is time to “heat things up” use a drop of this on your neck Return to Me – burn this on candles after a fight and they will come running back Kiss Me Now – a little of this at the base of the spine gets you ready to roll! Stay at Home – burn this on a white candle when you need them to stop running out the door Cleo May – for ladies who want high rollaz and big money men to keep they happy Nature Oil – to enhance a man’s sexual energy and nature Chango Macho – an oil to enhance the virility powers of Chango   SUCCESS OILS Road Opener – use when you feel that your paths are blocked and you are stuck. Crown of Success – for when you want to succeed in your career or education King Solomon – to enhance wisdom and logic in making decisions in all matters   CAREER AND WORK OILS Boss Fix– to “persuade” the Boss to look favorably on your work and achievements Steady Work – to keep a good job from going away and plenty of offers coming in   ATTRACTION & LUCK OILS Good Luck – an all purpose oil to bring in Good Luck in all matters Van Van – old New Orleans recipe for general cleansing and Attraction Fast Luck – a tiny but mighty bottle of bringing in luck fast when you really need it! Lodestone – the essence of the magnetic qualities of the Lodestone in liquid form   MONEY OILS Prosperity – to bring in and hold prosperity to any home or person Pay Me – use on a candle when someone has not paid you as promised Wealthy Way – burn this on white candles to enhance the “good life” Money Drawing – a traditional oil that attracts money from all sources   PROTECTION OILS Cast Off Evil – use when you feel like something evil is around Hot Foot – sprinkle in shoes of someone that you want to leave forever Reversing– to reverse a negative situation back to its original point Uncrossing – burn in white candles when you feel “crossed up” Run, Devil, Run – use to send the Devil packing and to “hit the road” Fiery Wall of Protection – use when you are under attack! Peaceful Home– use to bring tranquility to your house     SPIRITUAL OILS St. Expedite – use on red candles to petition for quick results Dragon’s Blood – use to seal in luck, protection and agreements Five Finger Grass – for success in working with your hands Algiers – a New Orleans traditional fast luck oil John the Conqueror – increase personal...

Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply | Anointing Oils, Herbs, Lodestones and More!

Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply | Anointing Oils, Herbs, Lodestones and More!

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