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Readers Question | Honey or Sugar? Which is More Effective?

Readers Question | Honey or Sugar? Which is More Effective?             I have read your latest article about sweeteners and now I am more confused than ever. I need a jar spell to work F-A-S-T. What I understand is that honey could work slower than expected because of the thickness. I want to get someone’s attention NOW! What do I use? Many thanks for your website and such informative articles! – Love, MM – CA * * * * * * * * Dear MM, Thank you for a really good question. Like you, most people want rapid results in their candle or spell work the Universe sometimes grants quick responses, but unfortunately not all the time. Now, in the case of using honey vs. sugar in a spell jar, I do advise that the honey m-a-y take a little longer because of its’ viscosity, meaning it is thinking and slow moving. I want to almost compare it to making syrup. The syrup manufacturers wouldn’t want to see you floating your French Toast or Pancakes in a liquid that was too runny, because your breakfast delicacy would become completely soggy and unappetizing. You would be using a spoon the scrape the pancake off the plate. This is the idea regarding syrup-y things in spellwork. Recent beauty trends has sugar being used in all kinds of body and facial scrubs to exfoliate the surface of the skin, due to the granulations of the sugar crystals. Given usage enough on one portion of the skin’s surface, you may develop a mild irritation, and you are sloughing off layers of built up skin. Consciously or not, your attention is drawn to that area of the body, until the skin heals or that sensation is gone. Think of this in the same light regarding your sugar jar for love spell. If I were to make a sweetening jar on someone that I wanted a quicker response from someone, I would use granulated sugar or even turbinado or rough cane sugar crystals (more commonly found in ethnic or natural foods stores) and to boost the “irritation” a w-e-e bit, I’d add a tiny pinch of ground cinnamon, powdered ginger, and maybe for good measure, only a couple of red pepper flakes. This “sweet/spicy/hot” combination should get their attention. Consider changing up the pink candles with a few red ones, just to “give it some heat”.  If considering using sugar, it is best to use it only, as adding sugar and honey to a jar will hasten the solidifying qualities of the honey and encapsulate or “bound/bind up” the victim (unless that is what you want to happen – “caught in your sweetness” so to speak). Good question and good luck in your spellwork! J....

Free Candle Spells | The Use of Honey, Sugar, and Sweeteners in Spellwork

Free Candle Spells | The Use of Honey, Sugar, and Sweeteners in Spellwork The use of honey, sugar, and sweeteners in spellwork has a long been a staple for many traditions in hoodoo, conjure, and other spellwork mainly derived from, but not exclusive to, African-based belief systems. Depending on history or timeline, sweeteners vary in use by region of the World, family or cultural traditions, and instinctive inspiration when constructing a spell using sweetners, a generic name for a group of products that activate the sensation of sweetness.   The purpose of using any number of sweeteners in spellwork is to cause an effect or affect the way a target considers you and your situation. Many human situation can be altered and a person can gain favor from a target in spellwork for: * love, attraction, romance, marriage, reconciliation, sexual encounters (most common purpose) * employment, raises, promotion, seeking the boss’s favor/attention, and other job-related situations * favorable sworn testimony, seeking the Court’s favor, lienency, deciding legal issues on your favor * influence over another for one’s benefit, public honor, accolades of praise, goodwill towards you * influence and control over another or family for the benefit of the group, stop gossip, ‘backstabbing’, cessation of anger and wrath from an individual, the end of verbal or physical abuse.             Many hear or read stories regarding the use of honey as in honey jar spells, but the list of sweetners can also include such sweeteners as these: * white sugar (usually for a light skinned target) * light brown sugar (usually for a light tanned skin-tone target) * dark brown sugar (usually for a darker skin-tone target) * honeycomb * sugar cubes * powdered sugar (especially nice for spells concerning marriage) as powdered sugar, also known as confectioner’s sugar * Karo syrup (in light and dark color) * molasses * sorghum syrup (southern farm staple made from grassy plant that is sweeter than molasses) * sweet liquors (so the target is ‘drunk in love’) * crystal syrup (simular ot Karo syrup) * maple syrup * agave syrup * sugar water (usually found in bar supply stores) Each and every one of these can be, and are still used in sweetening spells, either singly or combined together. Depending on the instructions in the traditional spell, or by instinctive inspiration, the spells can be contained in various objects in accordance to their purpose. Some containers can, but not rule out: * various fruits/vegetables (such as apples with the core removed) * jelly or canning jars * sugar bowls and other receptacles * perfume bottles * wrapped in plastic wrap or aluminum foil (usuallythen enclosed in a mojo bag) * poured in dishes, bowls, plates, glasses, cups, etc. * sprinkled on candles, pressed into free standing wax candles (either alone or mixed with herbs or sachet powders) * used in spiritual baths and washes* sprinkled on the table, altar, floor or ground around a spell     Sweeteners can be used with and without the use of candles, herbs, or other additives. It is the tradition that is taught for that particular spell that will dictate whether to use the sweetener alone or in a combination of products for the effectiveness of the spell. The most important thing to remember when using honey jars to create a change is that many times it is a slower, more gradual change. This is because you are “softening” a person to your wants, more subtly and slippery, not a hard and fast conversion to your way of thinking. Beauty products sometimes use honey and sugar to soften the skin, in the same way of thinking, this is essentially what you are doing to this...

Free Candle Spells | Honey Jar Love Spell Using Personal Concerns

Free Candle Spells | Honey Jar Love Spell Using Personal Concerns  

Readers Question | How to Create a Honey Jar Petition

Readers Question | How to Create a Honey Jar Petition   This is the snippet of question that  I received from Amie regarding a petition paper for a honey jar spell that she was reading about on Free Candle Spells.   Amie wrote: If it for love, do I write the persons name and superimpose with my name??? How many times and in what way? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amie, Here was how I was taught in a Hoodoo Course that I took many years ago. First, get a clean white piece of paper and a marker. Then write your intended’s name on it nine times, one right under the other (see photo). The one you want to love needs to have their name written first, then yours. For this example, I am using the names Olive Oyl and Popeye, with Popeye being the one who is creating the honey jar. Then you will write your name on top of your intended’s name nine times, one name written under another, like in the second photo. For the photo, you will see not only Popeye’s name written across Olive Oyl’s nine times but also the last step of encircling it with a proclamation or spell intent. In this last step, which you will find the hardest to do, you MUST not lift your pen until you have joined the first and last letter together (very hard to do). If you err and lift your pen by accident, you must begin whole petition paper writing over again. In this example, I wrote “Marry me and live with me in a long lasting loving relationship” or something along those lines. Again, the most important part is that you write and spin your paper in a circular motion while writing and without lifting your pen. Once you have joined your first letter and last letter together with the pen stroke, lift pen and cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s”. Now you can continue with your honey jar spell for love, placing in the center of the petition paper used tissues from intimate relations, a hair from his or her head, nail clippings, two matched Lodestones, cinnamon, rose petals and other items reputed to bring about love.      ...

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