International Directory of Readers and Spiritual Workers

Announcing the Creation of an International Directory For Spiritual Workers


In an effort to bring together everyone that visits this website, I am in the process of creating an International Directory of astrologers, readers, root workers and suppliers of all things associated with working candle magic.

It is important to me that all readers, both those who practice and those who are seeking information, product and services, are able to communicate with one another.

How frustrating is it for a visitor to find ingredients that are in a posted spell but they have no clue where to find the closest supplier in their area? Perhaps the visitor does not have the space available or the privacy to be able to burn a candle to activate change, bring back a lover or reverse bad luck to where it came from. Who do they call? They call you, the metaphysical practitioner, and they will find you in the area you live or practice.

Readership of Free Candle Spells is growing by leaps and bounds every week. Do you need a new venue to promote your services or spiritual products? If so, then my blog just might be the perfect opportunity for you!

Think how effective it will be for your name, website link and telephone number to be accessible 24/7 right here on Free Candle Spells.


For more information, please contact me at: freecandlespells (at) yahoo (dot) com.