Readers Question | How to Create a Honey Jar Petition


This is the snippet of question that  I received from Amie regarding a petition paper for a honey jar spell that she was reading about on Free Candle Spells.


Amie wrote:

If it for love, do I write the persons name and superimpose with my name??? How many times and in what way?



Here was how I was taught in a Hoodoo Course that I took many years ago. First, get a clean white piece of paper and a marker. Then write your intended’s name on it nine times, one right under the other (see photo). The one you want to love needs to have their name written first, then yours. For this example, I am using the names Olive Oyl and Popeye, with Popeye being the one who is creating the honey jar.

Then you will write your name on top of your intended’s name nine times, one name written under another, like in the second photo. For the photo, you will see not only Popeye’s name written across Olive Oyl’s nine times but also the last step of encircling it with a proclamation or spell intent. In this last step, which you will find the hardest to do, you MUST not lift your pen until you have joined the first and last letter together (very hard to do). If you err and lift your pen by accident, you must begin whole petition paper writing over again. In this example, I wrote “Marry me and live with me in a long lasting loving relationship” or something along those lines. Again, the most important part is that you write and spin your paper in a circular motion while writing and without lifting your pen. Once you have joined your first letter and last letter together with the pen stroke, lift pen and cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s”.

Now you can continue with your honey jar spell for love, placing in the center of the petition paper used tissues from intimate relations, a hair from his or her head, nail clippings, two matched Lodestones, cinnamon, rose petals and other items reputed to bring about love.





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