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I have read your latest article about sweeteners and now I am more confused than ever. I need a jar spell to work F-A-S-T. What I understand is that honey could work slower than expected because of the thickness. I want to get someone’s attention NOW! What do I use? Many thanks for your website and such informative articles! – Love, MM – CA

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Dear MM,

Thank you for a really good question. Like you, most people want rapid results in their candle or spell work the Universe sometimes grants quick responses, but unfortunately not all the time. Now, in the case of using honey vs. sugar in a spell jar, I do advise that the honey m-a-y take a little longer because of its’ viscosity, meaning it is thinking and slow moving. I want to almost compare it to making syrup. The syrup manufacturers wouldn’t want to see you floating your French Toast or Pancakes in a liquid that was too runny, because your breakfast delicacy would become completely soggy and unappetizing. You would be using a spoon the scrape the pancake off the plate. This is the idea regarding syrup-y things in spellwork.

Recent beauty trends has sugar being used in all kinds of body and facial scrubs to exfoliate the surface of the skin, due to the granulations of the sugar crystals. Given usage enough on one portion of the skin’s surface, you may develop a mild irritation, and you are sloughing off layers of built up skin. Consciously or not, your attention is drawn to that area of the body, until the skin heals or that sensation is gone. Think of this in the same light regarding your sugar jar for love spell.

If I were to make a sweetening jar on someone that I wanted a quicker response from someone, I would use granulated sugar or even turbinado or rough cane sugar crystals (more commonly found in ethnic or natural foods stores) and to boost the “irritation” a w-e-e bit, I’d add a tiny pinch of ground cinnamon, powdered ginger, and maybe for good measure, only a couple of red pepper flakes. This “sweet/spicy/hot” combination should get their attention. Consider changing up the pink candles with a few red ones, just to “give it some heat”.  If considering using sugar, it is best to use it only, as adding sugar and honey to a jar will hasten the solidifying qualities of the honey and encapsulate or “bound/bind up” the victim (unless that is what you want to happen – “caught in your sweetness” so to speak).

Good question and good luck in your spellwork!



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