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Daily Cleansing and Protecting Bath for Release of Negativity with St. Michael the Archangel



Epsom Salts
Oil of Eucalyptus
Florida Water

NOTE: Before performing this bath, clean your bathtub with Soft Scrub or another cleanser-type cleaner.

1. ) Take large plastic pitcher and with warm water, adding 1 cup Epsom Salts. Add three drops of Eucalyptus oil. Stir counter-clock wise and focus on removing all “da funk”, negativity, or even ‘drama’ you have gone through or are experiencing. You may pray the Prayer of St. Michael if you feel the forces of evil are around you.


Blessed St. Michael the Archangel,
Defend Me in Battle.
Be Our Safeguard Against
the Wickedness and Snares of the Devil.
May God Rebuke Him
We Humbly Pray and Do Thou.
O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts,
By the Power of God,
Thrust into Hell Satan,
And all the Evil Spirits,
Who Prowl About the World,
Seeking the Ruin of Souls.

2. ) Step in shower, soap up and rinse as normal, shampooing and conditioning as well. Rinse your whole body well and then step out and quickly clean the tub with Dawn dish soap or another liquid soap No need to use cleanser on this second cleaning.

3. ) Run a warm water bath in tub. Take pitcher of warm water with dissolved Epsom Salts and oil;  add to bath water. Immerse yourself and pour tub water over your head over the back of the head (avoiding face and eye areas). As you do, say, “Water, water cleanse me now, I am cleansed of this I vow.”

4. ) Unplug bath stopper and drain tub, stand and turn on shower and rinse off (no need to use soap). Step out of shower. Use a fluffy towel to pat yourself dry. Take a liberal amount of Florida Water in one cupped hand and transfer some to other palm. Start from your top of head and move your palms clockwise over your head, moving to shoulders and chest area, going down arms, to wait, to lower extremities, and finishing with a swoop off your tops of your feet. As you do this imagine or chant that you are sealing yourself from ill will, evil, negativity, envy and jealousy that is sent your way to harm you. The BEST prayer or invocation is one from the heart.

5. ) Dress in comfortable clothes. You may feel relaxed enough to nap, and that is fine. You have removed a layer of energy that was disturbing you and the “let down” feeling you get after a spiritual cleansing is a natural response to the energies of the products and the Florida Water working with your Spirit. If not sleepy enough to nap, consider making some herbal tea and spending time in reflection on healing and rejuvenation. You need time for yourself. When revived, you may resume your activities planned for the day or evening.

This ritual of protection can be done daily or as many times that is needed to lift the negativity off of you.




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