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Spring is almost here and you can see it everywhere! The daffodils are starting to break through the cold-tampered ground, the light lingers as we travel home from work, and the birds have started returning and singing in the morning. Spring brings in new opportunities and renews and refreshes set commitments. Now is the time to start cleaning and spiritually cleansing your home to welcome in new opportunities and blessings with the Season.


Here are some of the areas you should concentrate on cleaning for a spiritually spic-n-span clean:


OUTDOOR AREAS: Cardboard boxes that held items shipped to the home should be torn down and recycled to be used again. Sweep old leaves and debris off your porch and steps. Trim out dead branches from your planter boxes and ceramic urns in front of the house. Sweep down cobwebs in the upper corners of your porch or walkway. On a good day, rake up small branches and any leftover leaves from Winter’s storms.


CLOSETS: It’s time to start considering changing out your heavy clothes for lighter-weight ones. Look over all clothes before packing away for next year. Donate any ill-fitting, or gently worn clothing to the shelters or thrift store. Clean all winter boots and store in boxes or bagged and placed in back of closet.


GENERAL AREAS: Old magazines, newspapers and brochures should be tossed. take throws and pillows off sofas and give them a good wash with your favorite laundry soap and add 1/2 cup clear ammonia to the wash water. Clean window and window sills. Move furniture and vacuum up those “dust bunnies”. Change out your vacuum cleaner bag and sprinkle baking soda or table salt lightly over your carpets and wait a bit, then vacuum. Salt is a natural for absorbing negativity. Sort through mail and eliminate any unwanted sale papers and offers in envelopes. Dust everywhere with a mild solution to capture negativity. Read this article for more tips:



KITCHEN: Organize under your sink and toss out any old household cleaners. Recycle any grocery bags and organize your other ones, too. Look through the Tupperware and Rubbermaid containers and match them up, tossing anything that does not have a lid. Store away any Christmas plates, cups or servicewear until next year. Organize your pots and pans area. Go through your pantry and toss/donate any food items you are no longer interested in consuming. Combine your half-used bottles of spices and half-opened boxes of teas sections of your cabinets.


BATHROOM: Combine your various conditioners and shampoos and use them up before buying any more. Organize under your bathroom cabinet and medicine chest. Check dates on cough syrups and pills for health so you do not take outdated medicines.


BEDROOMS: Deep clean and move furniture to capture those “dust bunnies”, and look for stray socks and other things under the bed. Take heavy blankets to the wash to clean and add the clear ammonia again to wash water. Change the sheets and wash the pillows or take them to the bulk dr cleaner for same day service. Clean out closet, donation clothes if needed. Organize your bookshelf and dresser tops. Clean windows and window sills.


Now that you have done all that, and wiped down everything possible with a solution in the article above, take a white tea light candle and set in the center of each room (or as close to center) in a fire-safe container, and add three drops of Banishing Oil, or White Sage Essential Oil to the top of the tealight. Light candle and Pray the 23 Psalm (“The Lord is My Shepherd”). Smudge with a sage bundle, making sure you move through the room and get the smoke into all four corners of the room and in the closet, too. After the candle finishes, take a small amount of Florida Water into a small dish and dipping the fingertips of your dominant hand, flick Florida Water over the entire house, making sure to protect any antiques or treasured objects. Consider buying some fresh white flowers (carnations or roses are fine) and keeping one or two in a slender vase in each room, as white flowers are considered to absorb negativity.


Once a deep clean like this happens, keep the positive vibes up by doing this same ritual once a month so that your home will be organized and spiritually cleansed for new changes and blessings to come your way.




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