Hoodoo Products and Uses | Ammonia and Epsom Salts – Dynamic Duo of Negativity Cleansing

Ammonia and Epsom Salts have long been two items I frequently recommend for negativity-busting whenever someone has ‘hit a streak’ of bad luck, the children are ‘acting out’, or whenever something in the household just ‘feels wrong’. I consider them the “Dynamic Duo” of removing negativity, jinxes and crossed conditions, and are the first things I suggest before any candle work is to be done. Found at your local WalMart and other pharmacies like Walgreens, for under $10.00, you can start cleaning up and clearing out all at the same time. Here is the spiritual and physical reasons that old-tyme hoodoo conjurers suggest and use Ammonia and Epsoms Salts to keep away negativity and pure-D funk!

Ammonia, also historically related to the distillation of horn shavings, giving it the name Spirits of Hartshorn, is scientifically known as a solution of anhydrous ammonia suspended in water. Ammonia is a common household cleaner and is a replacement for urine in Southern conjure spells.

It has been said that a half cup of ammonia added to wash water in the clothes washer, removes negativity that has become attached to individuals who work in places that attract this such as prisons and jails, slaughterhouses, and casinos. When washing white clothing that require bleach, add the bleach to the first wash, then, re-wash a second time with soap and ammonia, following with a rinse. DO NOT COMBINE BLEACH and AMMONIA, as they will release a noxious gas that can kill you. Do the two-step washing process I described above when laundering whites with ammonia.

When doing general cleaning and ‘funk busting’, use a capful in a tub of water and immerse a clean cotton cloth. Wring out and gently wipe down all surfaces with this water. You do not need to use much ammonia to get the cleansing effect of ridding the home and area of negativity, as too much ammonia has also been known to chase off any ‘good spirits’ around. A capful in a tub of water will also keep fine woods from fading and keep most surfaces safe from damage. You can wipe down doors, doorknobs, light switches, walls, windows, sills, bookcases, tables and lamps, floors, and bathrooms with this solution without worry. To lighten up a room, you can take a clean corn fiber broom and lightly dip the tips of the bristles in the water/ammonia solution, and brush the carpet from the area of the front door towards and out the back door. This symbolic ‘sweeping out negativity’ can bring lightness and a calming feeling to the home. To keep the good feeling going, make sure you have all family members and guests remove their shoes at the front door before entering the home. this way, the negativity stays on the outside of the home.

Ammonia is also a good way to keep your personal self from being a magnet of negativity. After showering, take a capful of ammonia and pour it into a large cup. I always suggest one that was purchased at a fast food restaurant, so you can keep it under the bathroom sink and no one will drink from it. You may also substitute a large pickle jar or quart Mason canning jar. Fill receptacle with warm water and add the capful of ammonia. Pray the Psalm 23 (“The Lord is My Shepherd”) over the mixture and pour from your shoulders downward over your body, both front and back. Rinse off with water from the shower, dry off and dress. This is a way to ‘seal’ your body from negativity before going to work or meeting individuals who are a cesspool of negative thoughts and words.

Epsom Salts is magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, and in medical uses, it is prescribed for bruises and sports-related injuries as a way to reduce swelling that may occur. In magickal uses, this mineral for magickal bath salts and crystals such as the ones pictured below. These spiritual curios have had added herbs, roots, spices and oils in order to boost their magickal power. Epsom Salts are used to Bless, Cleanse and Purify as well as determine an area of Protection to the one that is using it in the home or in the yard, to keep negativity and jinxing away.

You can dissolve a cup of Epsom Salts in a basin of water and wipe down all items in the home to remove negativity. this solution is so gentle that you can immerse a white cotton cloth in the solution, wring it out and wipe down your upholstered furniture such as sofas, couches and chairs, without fear of discoloration.Adding a capful of ammonia to a tub of Epsom Salts and water boosts the cleaning power to mop down floors, porches and walkways leading to your home.

Epsom Salts are used in a similar manner to remove negativity from your personal being when returning from being with these same individuals and/or returning from a negativity-filled workplace. When you are experiencing this, go to your bathroom immediately when returning to your home. Strip off and add 2 cups pf Epsom Salts to the warm water, Get in a soak in the water, immersing your head while holding your nose closed, to let the water cover all of your skin. Stay in the tub until water cools. Then, stand up and shower as usual. Dry off and dress, taking the clothes you wore to the washroom or a place where they will not contaminate all your dirty clothes. Wash in the ammonia water solution described above.

To focus your intent to negate any jinxing from someone who wants to ‘do you in’, take two white household candles (found in the Kosher section of any grocery store) and two cups of Epsom Salts to the bathroom. Draw a bathtub of warm water, adding the two cups of Epsom Salts. Set a candle in a saucer on each edge of the rim of the tub, both ‘head’ and ‘foot’ side, or on the floor in front of the tub in the ‘head’ and ‘foot’ sides of the tub and light candles. Undress and step through the imaginary line or space between the two candles and into the tub. Soak. Shower off as usual. Step back through the space between the two candles. Turn around, say out loud,

“I am no longer influenced or controlled by you, (insert tormentors name here), and emerge clean and protected by the Light of God, with the symbol of these two candles, in which creates a boundary of Goodness that your negativity and evil cannot cross. Be Gone!”

You can now dress and continue with your daily routine as usual.
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