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The art of determining the effectiveness and success of a candle spell is sometimes done by watching the candle as it burns throughout the candle spell. This is a type of divination that is used in many belief systems and practices. The watching for telltale signs in the burning of a candle will give indications of whether the candle spell is or was going to be effective and the petitioner will be successful, whether it was for good or bad. Their are particular behaviors that candle exhibit during the candle burn like popping noises, coloration of the glass, burning on the petition paper or just outright cracking of the glass that will bring an “answer” to the effectiveness of the candle spell. This is a multi part series of how to determine if your candle spell will be a success. – Jacqueline


*** Watching a Candle Flame to Determine an Outcome ***

These particular signs are used for both glass encased “Novena” or “Vigil” type candles or free standing candles in a holder.

Spending quiet time in front of your candle is not only soothing to the soul, as you are a silent “guard” to the constant prayer the flame represents as it sits above your petition paper and candle, but also you can get some insight as to the effectiveness of your candle spell on your situation, which may give you ideas to add to or change the spell mid-way through the initial candle burning. This is called Pyromancy, and is practiced in both the English traditions as well as the African-American traditions that settled into the South and Caribbean. The art of Pyromancy is done best in a room that is solely lit by the candle flame, so that you can observe all the nuances of the flame as it reacts to your prayerful watch.

* If the candle flame moves about quickly as if “dancing” or if the candle flame is extremely tall (1 inch or more) and elongated, then this means that the work is being attended to in a quick manner, as if your spell working vigorously by the candle and this is a most positive sign, especially if this behavior continues throughout the candle spell to the end. This behavior may also create the candle to be finished within a shorter period of time than what was expected. I have had 7 day glass “Novena” type candles that behaved in this manner to be completely done within 38-45 hours after the initial lighting. Candles that exhibit tall flames must be closely monitored as that they do not catch anything on fire. If this candle behavior happens to your candle, it is best to move this candle to a tiled area in the kitchen or the center spot between the burners on the stove top to keep your home safe.

* If the candle flame burns high and low in an alternating pattern, this is traditionally a sign that the person who is your “target” may be intuitively aware of your candle work, and is “fighting” the influence of the candle spell petition that desired. This can be helped by adding a white candle next to the original candle anointed with High John the Conqueror Oil or Helping Hand Oil to give your original candle a “boost”.

* If a candle flame is low(less than 1/8th inch) or looks to be almost ready to go out, then you are working against some heavy negative influences and you may also use a white candle anointed with High John Oil or Helping Hand Oil to boost your original candle’s effectiveness.

* If the candle flame goes out,this is considered a bad omen and the candle spell needs to be re-done. Toss outthis candle, no matter how much of it has burned, and obtain a new candle, making sure you properly prepare your candle before lighting. Read this article, “Candle Spell Candle Preparation Step by Step for Candleburning Success!”


Next week: Popping, Sputtering and Clicking Noises coming from your Candle.


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