Kitchen Hoodoo | 12 Spices and Herbs for Hoodoo Magic Spells

Making Hoodoo and Conjure magic with herbs is an old tradition that dates back when the Africans who came over by ship as slaves escaped and mingled with the Southern Native American tribes. The African shamans and witch doctors, stripped of their own native plants, incorporated the plants of North America into their own magical traditions with the help of the Native American Indian medicine men and lay women who knew the spiritual and physical properties of the plants grown in the region.

Making simple yet effective and very easy herb magic for love, money, success and even revenge is as easy as a quick walk to your kitchen spice cabinet. It is no mystery that certain herbs and spices will attract; ask any real estate agent about the selling properties of a pot of water with a dash of cinnamon to make a home inviting.

Here is my “Top 12” list of Herbs and spices to use in spells for love, money, success and revenge:

1. SALT the oldest and most relieve upon ingredient for “Keep Away” and “Be Gone” spells and cleansing and protection sweeps, baths.

2. BLACK and RED PEPPERS Two strong spices for revenge work and to banish and curse people you do not want around anymore.

3. CINNAMON A staple in all love and money drawing spells, sweeps and baths.

4. ROSEMARY An herb to use when the woman wants a gentle but firm “upper hand” in running of the household and to bring good luck and peace to the home.

5. BASIL Used for personal protection baths and a floor sweep for a blessed peaceful family.

6. CLOVES Used in money drawing and friends drawing oils and spells.

7. OREGANO reportedly to keep away the law and any meddling, troublesome people.

8. THYME – use to increase and protect your money from others trying to jinx your Good Luck.

9. NUTMEG is said to bring Good Luck and fortune to those who play games of chance.

10. ALLSPICE an ingredient for all Good Luck Charms and Mojos and is said to increase business and prosperity.

11. POPPY SEED use when you have a court case spell to cause confusion and make others “act a fool” in important decisions.

12. SUGAR (white, brown, and all other sweeteners like Karo syrup, honey, and molasses) – use when you want someone “sweet on you” – whether it is for love, a bonus or promotion, or to soften up cantankerous persons with whom you have dealings.

Read about each of these items in your kitchen cupboard or cabinet here at Free Candle Spells.


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