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There are many ways to invoke loving responses from an intended lover and this is another variation on a candle spell to aid and assist in becoming a couple.


1 red 7-day candle in glass
4 pink 7-day candles in glass
4 photos of you (alone)
1 photo of your intended (alone)
Powdered Cinnamon
White paper and red pen
* * * * *
First, clean candle glass and inside top of wax with Florida Water or lemon Juice and let dry.
On paper, with red pen, write your intended a “love letter”.Write to ‘them how  they are missed and you are recognizing the issues between you that caused the break up. Write the qualities of what a lover is that you want from them and the qualities of the kind of lover you have to offer them.


Write your hopes of a future together with them.


Sign it and kiss it with your lipstick. Dust paper with the powdered cinnamon.


Place this “letter” under the red candle that has their photo attached to it.


Take the four pink candles and tape one photo each of you to the pink candle.


Arrange these candles in a fire-safe/proof container (aluminum baking pan or something else), making sure children or pets cannot get to them.


Dust all the tops of the candles with a pinch of cinnamon.


Arrange the candles with your intended’s candle in the center and your candles (with your photo pointing to their candle) in the North, South, East, and West. Remember your photo is looking at their candle from all sides.


Say a prayer Psalms 23 or something from your Heart.


Light your intended’s candle and state your intention for them.


Light each of your candles and with each one, state your intentions of you for them.


Let candles burn down to end. When candles have finished, toss glass in recycling. Take photos and letter and sprinkle with more powdered cinnamon and burn as a burnt offering to the Heavens in a fire-safe recepticle. Allow ashes to blow away.


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