Free Candle Spells – The First Mercury Retrograde of 2022 – Here It Comes!








The first of four (an extra one!) Mercury Retrogrades occurs on January 14, 2022 with Mercury stationing in the astrological sing of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.  Aquarius is the 11th sign of the astrological calendar and is the celestial representative for social justice and the good of the common Man.  These representative of the “Age of Aquarius” have energy that is focused on the current social inequities and activating that change in them as well as s desire to make the World a better place to live. These visionaries may have problems in the next three weeks in voicing their ideas and opinions while Mercury is in Retorgrade stationing.

Mercury, the planet of Communicaion and planetary ruler of Gemini and Virgo,  is conflicted in the expression of information during a Retrograde. This is the time that important calls get missed, e-mails go into the SPAM folder, snail mail letters ger lost, computers decide to burn a motherboard or a memory card, and cell phones just die. It is important to do a back up for all your files and upgrade to the latest version of your cell phone settings.

This is not the time to sign contracts (if in anyway possible), have major decisions finalized, have major car repair, sign loans, leases, and other semi-permanent contracts that might have to go through a “re-do” because of a missing sentence.

This is also not the time to discuss personal and romantic decisions, proposals, and other promises in regards to matters of the Heart. Save that for Valentine’s Day, aswe will be out of Mercury’s grip by February 4th, and all of the lingering post-shadow phase will be out the door by Feb. 8th.


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