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One of the most often discussed subjects that is asked about on Hoodoo Psychics is spell work for love. Love is a powerful emotion, and unless it is harnessed by logic, can produce actions that are unexplainable and uncontrollable. This is because love is a deep feeling that shakes our core, causes us dizzying highs and G-force plunging lows on an emotional rollercoaster as we manifest a new loving relationship or maintain longevity in a current one.

In the history of setting of lights, or burning candles and other objects of illumination of prayers, the ancient civilizations used oil lamps in temple or home altar settings. As we as a people evolved, the early ancestors learned that melting sheep and beef fat carved from the animals that were hunted for consumption, was a resource for light. Sticks and/or woven string material was dipped over and over into the  tallow, allowed to dry, and then stored to produce light at night for seeing. The production of petroleum was the advancement of our modern day candle, which in early times was white. In the last 50 years or so, the addition of dyes and tints to the liquid wax before cooling is the latest metamorphosis of our candles we use today.

Many seek to use candle burning rituals to enhance attraction or to sustain compatibility and which colors, herbs, oils, and petitions to use. The use of candle colors in modern day spell casting has always been a subject of conversation between client and spiritual worker, Let’s learn about the differences in love candle colors:

WHITE WAX: The use of white wax as a candle color is a universal “back up plan” for all candle spells. In nature, Sunlight is considered white and that white light is a mixture of all colors, but we cannot see it as separate colors.  So with that in mind, we can safely use a white candle for all candle spells (both positive and negative) when we do not have a tinted candle on hand. Using white candles is utilizing the lightness of white to a spell. The message of a white candle is Purity, Innocence, Cleanliness, Peace (of a higher spiritual nature), and Clarity. Using white candles in love spell work allows a calm feeling to be imparted onto the couple or situation. To create a sense of calm, rational thought and visions and plans for the future are mort clearly defined, and the positive strategies for success can be well thought out before action.

RED WAX:  Using red candles in your love spell work can work both in a positive or a less favorable way. Red is the power of energy and attention. Think of a red chili when you bite into it. The heat you feel from the chili that is burning your tongue makes you “pay attention” to what is happening and you dash to get the milk carton! The most delicious fruits are red – strawberries, cherries, and red delicious apples (not to mention raspberries, which are a fuchsia red-pink). Red demands immediate attention and that is why it is used in “Fast Luck” candle spells. The use of red candles in a relationship is to get their attention, “heat up” the romance, incite sexual desire, and to bring on the passion! This is why red roses are the most popular flower and color for Valentine’s Day bouquets as the declaration of passion for someone is the end effect for the action on that day. It is advised to use red candles in a relationship is the end effect for the action on that day. It is advised to use red candles in a relationship with caution, as too much of a good thing could change to a relationship that is more physical, and potentially could be contrary to your intended final outcome between you and the other person.

PINK WAX: Pink is a perfect combination of the passion of red and the sanctity of white. Pink is soft, romantic, and affectionate. Pink tempers the heat of physical attraction with clarity to get to know the mind, heart, and feelings of the other participant, When used in the situation of a break up or misunderstanding between two lovers, pink sends the spiritual message of “I really love you for you”, and not “I want sexual healing” like red candles might induce. In times of troubled relationships, using pink candles with a petition reminding them of the laughter, fun, cuddling, closeness, loving support, care, and concern that you both had for each other is the best course of action.



As with all candles, making sure you properly cleanse them, anoint them with the appropriate anointing or condition oil, passing them through incense (your outcome may vary), and praying or chanting over them before lighting is a best choice rule of thumb. May affix photographs of the couple on the sides of the candle glass, or place them under the candle. Intention and staying focused on your desired outcome is a must for success in all candle work, and often spending time with your candle in meditation or prayer is suggested. Give yourself ample time and the candle energy time to do its work, but then always set a “down and dirty” final date for hope for the outcome you want to achieve. After this time you may want to make changes to your candle routine or petition so you are not allowing other possibilities pass you by as you pine for a relationship that appears to not be changing since when the first candle was lit.

Each person has a unique situation with their relationships, and this article gives you a primer on how to do your own candle spell work. For serious work, it is always advised to see the assistance of a professional and talented rootworker, spiritual coach, or spellcaster. These individuals have taken courses and learned the techniques to apply to situations, and may be a truly excellent source of coaching or work. After all, we do this type of work each and everyday!




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