Free Candle Spells | Mercury Retrograde May 2021 – The Second of Three this Year!

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The second of three Mercury Retrograde periods occurs May 29th to June 22nd this year. Already passing the first one, the third and last one for 2021 will occur in late September-early October of this year.
For the beginning of this second of three retrograde cycles for 2021, Mercury will be in the Air sign of Gemini, the twins. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and these might well be the two astrological signs most affected in this retrograde time. When a planet is in it’s own house of placement, we say that this planet is in it’s domicile (or home) placement. Mercury is considered the planet of Communication, so this is the area most affected during this time. You might see misunderstandings, wrong information or missed communications and meetings occur. With the changeability of  Gemini, and the fragile nature of Virgo, these two signs should consider careful choices in words when discussing important subjects or consider waiting until Mercury turns Direct and is moving forward again before broaching the subject.
When the Sun sign changes to Cancer on June 21st, then those ruled by Cancer will have some feelings of communication problems with family and emotions affected. Now, June 20th is also the Summer Solstice, and the First Day of Summer, and while Mercury is in it’s last days of the retrograde period, lingering effects could happen for at least a week, which means all of us will feel some residual feelings of errors in communication with each other through to the last of June.
What to Do Before a Mercury Retrograde?
Some things to consider doing before the next Mercury retrograde is to back up computers and other electronics to their newest settings, and make sure all online billing issues are secured and paid before the 20th of May. Delay any truly important decisions such as signing a lease or mortgage papers, discussing a relationship and if at all possible, make sure e-mails and postal mail is sent in plenty of time to arrive at its destination before the deadline. This is not the time to have any mechanical repairs done if at all possible, as sometimes the technician will have to repeat the process to get things corrected. Unless it is an emergency, it is best to wait for any repairs or any major financial decisions until Mercury has stationed Direct again.
What to Do During a Mercury Retrograde?
Consider a Mercury Retrograde time as a “communication break”. Consider silently journaling your thoughts and plans for the next 3-6 months. The plans or resolutions made in January may have made a 90 degree turn and taking this three week period of time to regroup and refocus on the goal and the end result could be beneficial for you in determining long range plans.  You could also take a vacation from electronics as well, We are surrounded with radio and other frequencies that bombard us 24/7 and it might help you calm and center yourself during this time to unplug. All texts and phone calls do not need to be answered immediately (unless a true emergency) and taking time to embrace silence and enjoy distraction-free time could assist in sound, rational planning for you for the rest of 2021.
This is also a time to do the mundane things we push to the back of the line because of the repetitive and boring nature of the task, This is the time to go through the mail, stapling and filing the invoices of credit cards and utilities into folders in your file cabinet. This is also a good time to go through that stack of magazines, tearing out the recipes you want to try or articles to read. Depp clean your cupboards, cabinets, and closets as well, gently storing Winter clothes and bringing out the lighter fabrics for the summer, Toss worn clothes and donate usable ones to the various organizations that take gently used items for resale. Toss any broken or useless items, because you will be far too busy to repair them. If is repairable, take it into the shop NOW, so they have ample time to fix whatever might be needed. They will tell you within a day or so if the item is salvageable,
Magical Practices During a Mercury Retrograde
Take the time to deep clean your altar and toss or consolidate your herbal jars and magical product cupboard. Restock certain herbs and roots you use and label jars and containers for quick reference. Clan the wax off your candlesticks and polish, polish, polish! Oil the altar table and chase those “dust bunnies” out of the corners, sage and smudge all areas of the altar room (and house) and prepare your areas for positive work on the Summer Solstice on June 21st.
Consider doing white candle burning services on you. This is the time to support you and your endeavors more than ever. In your petition, ask for eloquence in speech, clarity of thought, balance of emotions, and insight for the future for yourself. White is the candle color for cleanliness, purity, mental stability, knowledge and stability. Consider anointing your candle with Banishing Oil (to rid yourself of any linger negative sludge or “funk”),, Attraction Oil (a good, all-purpose positivity attracting oil) , Blessing Oil, or Spirit Guide Oil (for celestial inspiration and guidance).
This is also a time to consider multiple Epsom Salts baths and soaks, Adding a little Eucalyptus Oil will aid in removal of anything negative, and the restorative effects of a series of Epsom Salts baths will calm and center you. If drowsy after your bath, it is fine to nap for a short time, as all of that removal of envy, jealousy, and ill will can your body crave rest. That is fine. Play calming music to relax you into slumber so you can feel invigorated and refreshed after resting.
Working with the energies of the planets and the Moon is easier than you think once you can understand the true nature of the celestial spheres and work those powers they rule to benefit you in the most positive way so you can be the successful hoodoo practitioner that you can be!
Our third and final Mercury Retrograde will occur September 27 – October 23, 2021.

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