Free Candle Spells | Sweet/Honey Jar to Gain Favor from Co-Workers





This sweet/honey jar spell is to keep a group of people or your co-workers “sweet” on you – or – you will be considered a favored co-worker that they will assist or defend in your favor. This also works to keep the Boss “under your spell”.NOTE: This is NOT a romance or sexual “sweet” jar.


Quart mason or canning jar

Names and photos of all staff members

Photo of you

30 red tea light candles

Honey or Sugar

Ground Cinnamon

Ground Ginger

Ground Allspice

Take names and photos of all staff members and greet each one by their name and tell the photo “You are a favorite co-worker and a good and faithful friend” then place each photo  face up in bottom of mason jar. You will stack each photo one on top of another, and all will be facing up.


Take a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of ground ginger and a pinch of ground allspice and sprinkle on top of stack of photos. Place your photo face down over the sprinkle and facing the other photos. Add honey to the top. Seal off with lid and for 30 days burn a red tea light candle on top of the jar. When using tea light candle, take candle out of aluminum cup, pop off the button on the bottom that hold the wick, replacing wick if it comes out. You will be using wax and wick only. Place on top of jar and light, making sure you practice safe fire standards.


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