Free Candle Spells | “Run Crazy” Jar to Cause Someone to Appear Unstable or Loss of Credibility



This jar spell is intended to make someone appear as if they are not to be believed in their information they share or to lose credibility with their sensibility and decision making.




Small mason or canning jar
Photo and name of person
Poppy Seed
30 red tea light candles

Take photo and write name on back. Talk to photo and tell then that they are crazy. don’t know what they are doing or saying, are misinformed, needs to take long vacation or medical leave for mental stress, make no sense in their decision making, etc. When you have gone through everything you can think of, place photo face up in jar. Cover with poppy seeds and fill jar with whisky.

Close jar with lid and burn red tea light candles for 30 days. When using tea light candle, take candle out of aluminum cup, pop off the button on the bottom that holds the wick, replacing wick if it comes out. You will be using wax and wick only. Place on top of jar and light, making sure you practice safe fire standards.


Burn one candle on top of jar lid daily for 30 days. After 30 days, tie twine securely around neck of jar tightly, then go to neighborhood park or open woods. Climb up tree and tie jar with lengths of twine to branch so that it is hanging to be able to sway in breeze. Leave it be. Wind will twirl and swing jar, mixing the substance and it is purportedly to be effective in making someone appear “off their rocker” (nonsensically crazy).


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