Free Candle Spells | To Drive A Wedge Between People Jar Spell

This spell is a variation of a traditional “Vinegar Jar” spell, which is used to sour a relationship between people.



Brown shopping bag without print on it
Red string or yarn
Red pen
Photos and names of intended targets
quart sized mason or canning jar
30 white tea light candles

Place all three names, work position titles at name of facility, and photos in quart sized mason/canning jar (If you can photocopy or get a signature, even better, Add that to jar as well) Write the three names on a brown piece of shopping bag paper (one name under the other) then turn paper 90 degrees and write your name three times (once over each name). One the other side of the paper, write:

Three Times Three
What was done to me
Reverts to Thee
You will rue the day
you crossed my way
by the holy power
of the Trinity
Father Son Holy Ghost
Three Times Three
So it shall be

Turn paper back over and place photos inside the piece of paper where their names are and place a long red chili in center of paper, roll paper into tube wrap with red string and tie off. Place in bottom of jar.


Lemon slices
Habanero (or any other extremely hot) peppers
Poppy Seed
Black Car Hair
Black Dog Hair
9 needles
9 pins
9 nails

Seal jar with lid and burn white tea light candle on top of lid once a day for 30 days. As candle is lit, pray the “Psalm 23 (The Lord is m Shepherd” prayer. When using tea light candle, take candle out of aluminum cup, pop off the button on the bottom that hold wick, replacing wick if it comes out. You will be using wax and wick only. Place on top of jar and light, making sure you practice safe fire standards.


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