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A sour jar, sometimes know as a vinegar jar, is a traditional hoodoo spellwork to set two people, or a group of people, in opposition with each other. This jar, when activated, is alleged to create discord and fights, arguments and ill will within the group or between the two individuals. Sour jars have many different ‘recipes’ or lists of ingredients to provoke or incite different reactions. Here is a list of some ingredients and what reactions they can create:

White Vinegar – souring/dissolving of relationship
Whiskey – Bitter/harsh words. Illusion of being ‘tipsy/drunk/incoherent’
Vodka – freeze this in jar to make work last
Rum – use to add spiritual (non-Holy) influences/beings to situation
Graveyard Dirt – used to enlist help of Spirit of the Dead to attain your goal. Requires visit to graveyard and a ritual to obtain dirt.
Needles – break in half to not mend relationship
Pins – (small) many small pricks of pain to victim
Nails – “nails” the perpetrator to the “crime”; secures victim
Thumbtacks – makes the ‘work’ stick to the victim
Razor Blades – painful slicing of victim; sharp words wound
Screws – victim is “screwed”; fixes victim to “crime”
Broken glass – sharp cuts to the victim; broken relationship
Mirror shards – pieces of broken mirror to keep relationship ‘fragmented’; unable to put back together
Wasps – stinging words; accusations
Bees – punishes with stings
Ants – eats away at happiness or a relationship
Scorpions – deadly sting of truth; reveals betrayal
Cat Claw (nail) – “scratches” or marks the victim
Dog Tooth – “bites” the victim; injurious wounds to relationship
Lime – sours relationship; also said to encourage deceitfulness
Lemon – souring/cleansing out of your life. Can also reveal damaging Truth
Garlic – incites disgust and rejection
Onions – enhances disconnect from one another
Hot Peppers – causing intense anger and fighting
Licorice/Licorice Root – Use to dominate other person
Cloves – exposes slander and lies
Asafoetida – (aka “devils Dung”) Indian spice to cause rejection of another; harms enemies
Poppy Seeds – add to cause confusion and appearance of intoxication/under the influence
Salt – painful cleansing, adding pain to initial “wound”
Alum – eliminates conversation and communication
Black Pepper – “blinds” one from the truth, painful cleansing

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Other items you will want to add to the jar is a photo of each person, signatures (if available) or names of each person, personal items such as a strand of hair, nail clippings, or items used by them such as a tissue, napkin, tip of drinking straw, toothbrush bristle, Q-Tip, cigarette ‘butt’,’roach’ end of a marijuana ‘joint’, end of a cigar, etc.

To seal the jar: After assembling together all items in the jar, close tightly the lid and then burn either a white or a black free-standing candle or taper candle on top of the lid, allowing the wax to drip over and over the jar lid and threads to seal it closed. To add more agitation, tie a sturdy twine around the jar, wither around the lid or create a “sling” or “hammock” of multiple strands of twine and secure it around jar. take to tree in park or woods and ties to branch, where it will move and spin on its own from the wind. This is said to drive the victim “crazy”.

With all spells of this nature, it is wise that your work is “justified”, meaning that you are not the instigator of the problem but you want to finish the issue with another. Justice work is that it has been declared or made righteous in the sight of God or marked by a good or legitimate reason for the work. There is nothing more problematic than to ‘undo’ magic that is sent to you because you have started a fight or discord with another for no apparent reason. It is always best to try to resolve issues, even using Oil of Influence to a candle before approaching the victim for conversation, before starting a full out attack of the other person or persons.

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