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Mercury, our friendly planet of communication and all things Gemini and Virgo, has just turned from its second of three retrograde station to direct on July 12th, but the linger effects of this retrograde cycle will be with us for about another 7-10 days before things really turn back to the ‘normal’ normal. Remember that Mercury is the planet that rules communication and information, so one of the lessons learned during each Retrograde is about your powers of understanding and expression.

Most of the time, people worry about the actual Retrograde beginning and end days without considering events that lead up to that point. Let’s learn about all the different stages that makes up a Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Pre-Retrograde Shadow

This before-the-party time is considered the Retroshade time – a cosmic sounding word that describes when Mercury moves over the degrees positioning in the sky that they will be later going into Retrograde. it is like looking at the speedometer of the car and noticing that you are going 45 to 60 miles an hour, and then, once coming to that full stop, going in 45 – 60 mph again – but in reverse. This is the time that you gasp, puff out your chest and say, “Oh its ON!” The air is static with the electricity of uncertainty and this prelude to the big event can sometimes be more confusing and intense than the actual retrgrade. Subjects to be attended to and people will appear now and then will re-appear during the next three weeks that will make you do a double take with them.

Mercury Stations Retrograde

This is the time when the tires has hit the tarmac and the pilot is applying full brakes to the plane. It pushes you back into the seat, bracing for either impact or a smooth slowing down. Communication is halted as everyone collects their minds to figure out what to do next. They are all waiting for the seat belt sign to turn off. Expect disorientation and the hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get off the plane at the same time.



Mercury Retrograde

You have finally deplaned and are walking through the airport of chaos. It is like you are doing the moonwalk and no one is speaking a language you can understand. Expect travel delays and misunderstood communication. People from your past show up and you may have inadvertently encouraged them by trolling in their Instagram. Like your ex. The wobble of the Mercury sky reminds us of how our days are going – disconnected and slow. No one can understand you and its all Jabberwocky anyway, so the less said the better.

Mercury Retrograde Conjuncts the Sun

During a Retrograde, Mercury will do-si-do with whatever Sun is appearing in the cosmic sky. When they do, Mercury gets all jazzed like he just drank a Red Bull and increases his hi-jinks and buffoonery in order to make sure you get the full effect of his carnival ride. No slowing down for this one, you’ll be given clues to mysterious conversations and secret insights and clarity to what the heck has been going on. It gives you hope you can finish in one piece.

Mercury Stations Direct

Your next plane is paging you to board. You get into your seat, adjust the seat belt and look for the exit route. While listening to the overhead oxygen instructions, you start to contemplate this journey you have been on. This is the time that lessons are learned and patterns established will be implemented – or not. Outcomes from the trip are for better or worse, that is a decision you must make.

Post Mercury Retrograde Shadow

Just when you get the hang of moving backwards in your life, Mercury slams the throttle into drive and you start moving forward again. Feeling like you went to an all-nighter party, you’re sluggish and a little hungover but with mucho espresso and friends and family, you just might be able to piece together what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks happened the last three weeks. take your experiences and learn from them, as sometimes they area reminder to never to go there again, or it wasn’t as bad at it had first seemed.


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