Free Candle Spells | Mirror Box Spell to Make a Person Look at Themselves (and their behaviors)


Mirror Box Spell to make a person see what they are doing (to others and themselves)


This spell is to aid and assist you in making someone (your intended target) look at what they have created, to others, or to themselves. It is a way to channel your energy to a focal point in order for you to “put your thumb on them” and make them realize the harm they are creating. This will “surround” with words, accusations, and the truth of the matter.


Items needed:
Qty. 4 – 12 inch square mirror tiles (get at Lowes or Home Depot)
Qty 1 –  White 7-day “novena” type vigil candle in glass
Qty 5 – Photos or images of the face of the intended target
Petition in your own words
Food Coloring or Ink pad
Duct Tape
Dry Erase marker (like the ones used on whiteboards in classrooms)
Lemon Juice or Florida Water


First, clean off candle outsides, insides wax top and wick with lemon juice or florida water. Set aside to dry.


Take petition paper and write what you want to happen. For example: “Bobby Joe, I want you to see how you are dogging me out and always making time for everyone else in the world and leaving me for last.”


Lay the four mirrors side-by-side on a long table to form a mirror rectangle. You will be writing across the 4 mirrors as if writing on one long piece of paper


Begin writing with the dry erase marker what words you want to surround the intended target with. For example: “Bobby Joe, I want to you feel guilty about leaving me alone most nights to go out drinking with your friends…I want you to miss my company and realize you did me wrong…You need to see you have a drinking problem…I want you to see that your partying is getting in the way of our relationship…etc.”


Start writing left to right across the four mirrors, moving back to mirror one (far left) when you run out of room on mirror four (far right) . Write small and repeat your sentences over and over again until all the mirrors are covered.


Flip mirrors over and tape with duct tape strips to each other. Make sure there is a wee gap between each mirror to give it the ability to bend into a 90 degree angle. When the taping together is done, you should be able to set it upright and make a “box”


Go back to candle and tape the intended target’s photos to the candle, one each side, so the face is visible from all sides of the mirror.


Take the 5th photo of the person and turn over to write your intention on the back. It can say things like,  “you need to see yourself through my eyes with the behavior you have been showing me” etc.


Take your thumb and press on the ink pad or dip in a bit of food coloring and place your thumbprint over the face of the 5th photo and once dry, place under candle.


Apply oil of Clarity, Clear Sight, or other similarly suited spiritual oil to the top of the candle wax (inside glass) and rub counter-clockwise.


Light candle and let burn continuously or light for a while then snuff it out to re-use another time.  If snuffing out, use brass or metal snuffer or place ceramic plate over top rim of candle and wait until extinguished.





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