Free Candle Spells | New and Full Moon Phases in 2020


For many, working with the New and Full Moon phases – as well as the Waxing and Waning Gibbous phases – is a good way to do not only attraction but also reversing work on particular subjects that is affecting the practitioner’s life.  Concentrating on the ebb and flow of a Moon cycle and the effects on a subject such as love, money, ro success can cover all “bases” of the situation, and maybe even ones that has not been considered before.

Take for example, you have a mountain of bills, and your New Year resolution is to get them paid off so that you can start saving money. You would perform candle burning rituals from the day of the New Moon straight to the day of the Full Moon to attract and increase your financial gains, prosperity and attracting power from all types of monetary sources. Then, on the day of the Full Moon until the next New Moon, you would then do reversing and banishing work on those same bills, in order to aid and assist in reducing and eliminating your pile of debt. This complete cycle of candle burning rituals will take 29-30 days, depending on the month.


Here are the New Moon and Full Moon Phases for 2020:

January – (New Moon actual 12/26/2019) and Full Moon January 10, 2020

February – New Moon January 24, 2020 and Full Moon February 9, 2020

March – New Moon February 23, 2020 and Full Moon March 9, 2020

April – New Moon March 24, 2020 and Full Moon April 8, 2020

May – New Moon April 23, 2020 and Full Moon May 7, 2020

June – New Moon May 22,2020 and Full Moon June 5, 2020

July – New Moon June 21 2020 and Full Moon July 5, 2020

August – New Moon July 20, 2020 and Full Moon August 3, 2020

September – New Moon August 19, 2020 and Full Moon September 2, 2020

October – New Moon September 17, 2020 and Full Moon October 1, 2020

October (again!) – New Moon October 16, 2020 and Full Moon October 31, 2020 (also known as  “Blue Moon” as it occurs twice during a 30 day month – see *)

November – New Moon November 15, 2020 and Full Moon November 30, 2020

December – New Moon December 14, 2020 and Full Moon December 30, 2020


* read more about Blue Moons and their meaning by clicking this link:


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