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The St. Michael Revocation Candle Spell is when you are in danger of someone who is trying to do harm to you. St. Michael fights against all forms of evil and protects Souls from attacks from the Devil. There are many different variations of this candle burning spell and depending on area or regions of the World you live in, you may have to vary your ritual.





1 free standing Red Candle (not a candle in a glass cylinder)

Piece of white paper

St. Michael Anointing Oil

Fire-safe container or candle holder


Before beginning this candle spell, make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed or interrupted as your constant concentration is important for the success of this ritual. Bring with you your positive energy and do not be vexed by any situation that is bothering you. If you are going through drama and tribulations, take time to quiet your energy before beginning this spell. Faith and the belief of Faith is important to have in yourself, and that you possess the power to produce positive results.

Take the piece of white paper and write down the name of your tormentor and turn the paper and write your name across the other name. If you do not know the name of your tormentor, then write “Any and all who are against me”. Both names should resemble a cross like this:      +

Using a free standing candle that is not in a glass cylinder, take the metal “button” off the bottom of the candle and grab ahold of the wick and pull it through the candle. You might have to use a pointed tip of a steak knife to dig out a little wax, but once you do, the wick should slide easily out of the hole it created when the candle was poured.

Once that is done, take the original top of the wick (when it was originally in the candle) and tread it back through the candle so that it ends up on the bottom of the candle (meaning you are going to “flip” the wick). As you do this say, “Where evil came from, evil shall return. All evil done to me, turn around and return to Thee.”

Next, place the candle on a fire-safe surface or a container that will not crack or burn p when you light the candle. Fire safety is important when doing candle rituals as sometimes the Spirits like to try to thwart your banishing them or keep you from achieving candle burning success. This candle can also be placed into a glass candle cylinder or a brass or other metal candle holder it secure it while it burns. Again, if using these other types of containers, make sure the surrounding area is kept fire safe.

Once that is done, drip nine drops of St. Michael Anointing Oil at the top of the candle and allowing it to run down the sides of the candle to the bottom and onto the plate or other fire-safe surface. As you are doing this, concentrate on the power of St. Michael to send away evil and all ill-will, jealousy, vile and negativity where it came from.

Light candle when the hands of the clock’s face are moving UP the clock (i.e. 6:31 am or pm and no later than 11:58 am or pm.). Some believe that using the clock hands as a time of ‘bringing in’ what is desired is important. As you light the candle, say the St. Michael Revocation Prayer three times.


Holy Saint Michael Archangel

As you are the Angel in charge of
overseeing all the workings of the World,
I implore you at this solemn hour and day,
seize this time so that you will see
the light, candle, and work.
I beseech you to expel this Evil
and bring forth sorcery and corruption
and revoke them in my body.
The flesh and blood of my enemy
should treat me well.
Let my enemies suffer as
Jesus suffered on the Cross,
bitterness, torment,kicks and slaps.
Let him go into desolate world.
Let him take the three falls that Jesus took
until he comes to my home
asking pardon for his sins.
The Angels and Saints in Heaven
bear witness to my plea.
So be it. Amen

Spend time in quiet contemplation and concentrate on what results you are asking St. Michael to bring forth. Leave candle to burn quietly in a fire-safe area, free from children, pets, fabrics, and wind. Let candle burn until it has burned out.

Once the candle is out and cool, take any wax drippings and roll into a white sheet of paper and deposit at steps of a Church or Temple.


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