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Candle Spell for the Children who are Going Back to School

It is the end of Summer and it is time for parents to send their children back to school or perhaps, to school for the first time. Is it coincidental that the rites of attending school is similar to spiritual rituals or other ceremonies we partake in our lives? Could their be a tradition of movements, hand gestures, Rites of Passage, etc., that has morphed over into other parts of our lives and we have just been too busy, too scientific, to see?

For instance,”Back to School” is a ritual or ceremony of purchasing new clothes or uniforms (ritual clothing), pencils, pens, lunchboxes, and backpacks (ritual items), haircuts (grooming for the ritual), food for lunches (ritual offerings/nourishment), and the first day of school with its “pomp and circumstance” of walking in the front doors, meeting the Teacher, wishing them Good Luck (ritualistic of when a Father ‘hands off’ the Bride to the Groom in front of the Officiant/Priest/Pastor), and kisses on the forehead or cheek (giving of blessing and acceptance). Then, as the parents leave, they call out to the child, telling them “Have a nice day” and “We’ll pick you up this afternoon” (reminiscent of spiritual sponsors giving reassurance that the ritual will go well).

Since going back to school could be filled with anxious moments for both the student as well as the parents, here is a Success in Education Candle Spell to start the school year off on a ‘good foot’.


1   7-day glass “Novena” type vigil candle in Yellow

1   7-day glass ‘Novena” type vigil candle in White

1   7-day glass “Novena” type vigil candle in Pink

Oil of Crowning Glory and Success or Success Oil

Oil of Clarity

Oil of Protection

Photo of Child (preferably in a stand alone frame)

Parchment paper (Staples store) for petition of expectations and loving aspirations for child

Florida Water

NOTE: This loving ritual will be performed in front of the child. You can adapt it to what you want if you do not want child to participate.

Before ritual, clean candles, both top of wax/inside of candle top glass area as well as outer glass cylinder with Lemon juice or Florida Water. Let dry.

Write on parchment paper what goals you want your child to achieve this scholastic year and what promise you will deliver to help the child in their success. Place this parchment paper in center of table or altar.

Anoint pink candle with Protection Oil.
Anoint yellow candle with Success or Crowning Glory of Success Oil.
Anoint white candle with Clarity oil.

Place framed photo of child in center of table or altar and on top of parchment paper. Place pink candle behind the child’s photo. Place white candle to the left of child’s photo (their left – your right). Place yellow candle to the right of the child’s photo (their right – your left). You may sage/smudge and/or burn incense such as Frankincense, Myrrh, or Copal if you wish.

Bring child into room or altar area (if you want child to participate). Take good amount of Florida Water and rub/anoint child from head to toes with Florida Water to cleanse. Tell them this is to bless them and to guide them this year.

Allow child to stand before altar or table

Light candles in this procession:

As you light the pink candle FIRST, say: “With love and protection, I send you to learn how to be a ideal world citizen; to comfort the hurting, to support the weak, to learn to stand for what is right with love and compassion, as I give you love and compassion, so that you can reach your greater good.”

As you light the white SECOND, say:With clarity of thought and emotion, I send you strength to discern good from bad, right from wrong, and to be able to see the best in everyone and the best in yourself.”

As you light the yellow candle LAST, say: “With high hopes for success in school that will translate to success as a productive person in the world, I send you wisdom to know truth from lies, fact from fallacy, and education from misdirection and to be able to learn with zeal and a hunger so you can be well prepared to conquer any adversity and misfortune with logical determination.”

Take the child’s hands in yours and together pray Psalm 23 (“The Lord is My Shepherd”) and then say “Amen” three times.

Leave candles to burn but in a safe place or in fire-proof containers such as glass Pyrex pie pans or other non-flammable material. Keep from family or pets tipping over. If fire is a concern, snuff out candle (never blow out) and re-light each day when child is attending to their studies. Once finished, you may recycle glass cylinders and repeat ritual until child achieves scholastic successes you desire for them.


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