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Welcome to the Free Candle Spells website – a place where many candle rituals and spells are listed here from various cultural paths and belief systems. This website created in 2008, is a directory of information regarding products, folkloric beliefs, botanicals, potions and more, so that you can do the research and read and discover ways to bring goodness and positivity into your lives, while dispelling negativity in your personal situations. This site is meant for you to take time and R-E-A-D, as most of Mankind’s problems are addressed within the blog posts of this website. All articles are owned and published by the Free Candle Spells*.


We do not offer FREE consultations, as in accordance with the Universal Law, one must exchange their energy and efforts in appreciation for another’s energy and efforts. Simply stated, consultations for your particular situation and the correct diagnosis for your problems can be obtained by sending an e-mail and awaiting a response and invoice for a one hour consultation.


Thank you for visiting and I do believe that you will enjoy browsing through our many posts on about everything spiritual in regards to candle burning services and rituals.


Free Candle Spells


*These proprietary articles on Free Candle Spells cannot be shared or copied by anyone without the express permission given by the owner of the website. All plagerizers and plagerizing work will be subject to legal ramifications.


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