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In many magical systems of cultures, also known as folk magic, the use of the lodestone is a widely held traditional mineral to activate stagnant abundance and to increase the flow of prosperity into your life. Many carry a small lodestone in their pocket in a red flannel bag, and some have a larger one in a crystal dish on their altar or bureau, anointed with Hoyt’s Cologne, whiskey, or dusted with iron shavings (“Magnetic Sand/Dust”) to “feed” the lodestone. In the practice of African-American hoodoo, the belief that greenback dollar bills in an assortment of denominations that are placed under the lodestone for specific amounts of time, are ‘energized’ and empowered to be spent in belief that as they circulate the town in exchanges of hands, they will somehow “hunt down” and attract or capture more money. If that same said greenback dollar returns to you, it is like a double blessing, that it “returned home” and hopefully, will bring more like it.

I have had that same concept happen to me, when I wrote a sigil on a dollar bill in red ink, spent it at a local grocer, and about three to four months later, my daughter received it back in change from the concession stand at her high school!

Others who follow this belief of placing money under a lodestone in a dish, claim that you should spend the money that has been under the lodestone first, as the length of time will matter in the money-drawing strength. Others say that you use one piece of blessed money, and bringing back the change you get from each store, and placing that money under the lodestone.

Others claim that signing your name over the printed name of the Secretary of Treasury on the lower left hand side, or drawing a magic sigil on the backside or the four corners of the greenback, and anointing the dollar with money drawing oil, will enhance its’ ability to ‘bring in money’. The aforementioned dollar that I encountered returning me had my signature as described above and the sigil of success in each corner.


A money altar with lodestone in dish to attract money

How to Create a Lodestone Altar Dish or Container

The easiest way to create a place for your lodestone is to get a nicely decorated porcelain or ceramic bowl, or a crystal bowl. I use a lead crystal clamshell serving bowl that an old friend gave me as a gift because it is fancy and I can imagine wealthy people serving fine foods in it.

I place a lucky $2.00 bill (you can get them from your bank) with sigils and prayers written on it in red ink, and place it at the bottom of the dish. I then place a layer of assorted coins from all over the world over the $2.00 bill, as a way to attract money from all over. Next, I place the money in order of the denomination:

a $1.00 dollar bill
a $5.00 dollar bill
a $10.00 dollar bill
a $20.00 dollar bill

and if I have it:

a $50.00 dollar bill
a $100.00 dollar bill

It is not necessary to have the last two, as it is sometimes hard to hold out and not obtain or even spend those last two, but if you are able to do so, add these last two bills to your dish as soon as you can. At this point, some people will dust each greenback bill with sachet powder, or pass them in the smoke of burning incense. There are variations in this practice, and it is best to follow the teachings of your spiritual worker or use your intuition or listen to your Spirit which tells you want methodology to use.

Lastly, I then place the lodestone that has been cleansed with whiskey (I use the single serving bottles that you can get at the liquor store), and then sprinkled with Magnetic Sand/Dust.

I then burn two small green tealight candles that have a drop of Money Attraction oil on them, and leave them burn until they go out (making sure that the tealights are in fire-safe containers). I repeat this candle service each Friday (when most people get paid).



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