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“Jezebel wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She probably had less than every one of us. But when she knew how to walk she knew How to bring the house down. Can’t blame her for her beauty She wins with her hands down.” – Sade “Jezebel”



“Workin’ that Jezebel Thang”

In the last couple of years, there has been a new breed of female emerging in the areas of the media, music and film. Sassy, scrappy and definately sexy, in control of anything that is all about that money or satisfaction, her name might be RiRi or Nicki, Madonna or Kylie, but in reality, meet the women who can be considered the modern day face of Jezebel.

Jezebel is a Queen whose story is in the Bible, and who married Ahab, convincing him to change his faith from Judaism to worship Baal, a Phoenician God. The Jewish faithful protested, a civil war broke out and ultimately, Jezebel was tossed from her window to her death. Originally linked to hedonism and false idolatry, in the latter 20th century, the name Jezebel became associated with promiscuous women, or women who used their sexuality to deceive and manipulate men into sinning with them. The term “fallen women”, ironically the method of Queen Jezebel’s death, was used as a label for any women who was abandoned by her man, or had charmed her way into more favorable circumstances by using her sexual wiles.

Jezebel can them be considered a woman in the best favorable position in financial matters and in the aspects of relationships. Jezebel needs to control her life, because she cannot let her guard down as in the past, when others let her down. Her control of her life draws her circle around her, letting only a few if any into it, and the interactions of the opposite sex and any transactions or financial negotiations will be for her complete satisfaction. Ironic that the very same way Jezebel had been manipulated and used by men is the same way she will “work it” to get what she wants. The best possible celebrity of someone who is “workin’ her Jezebel” would be the popular female rapper, Cardi B.

From Cardi’s “Bodak Yellow” through “Be Careful with Me”, Cardi is warning anyone that she is vulnerable and had been taken for granted in the past, being financially and emotionally mistreated. She then lets the subject of the song hat she will not be fooled again. A person that experiences this type of behavior develops a tough shell and will cut you out of her life if you dare show any disloyalty. Clearly, Cardi is voicing the pain of many women in today’s world, because of certain methods of mental and emotional “slavery” that the opposite sex has utilized against them. A woman’s nature is to nurture and care, both emotionally and physically, and when a male has “done her wrong”, the tears cried causes her to harden her heart and not only cause her to seek or lash out in revenge, but also changes the manner in which she interacts with any future males. Her attitude is “Me first…and maybe I’ll consider you.”

Using oils and other items designed for magical practices that include Jezebel root, a main component of a family of products that empower women who will attract the wealthy, as these individuals appear to have control over their lives (because of their baubles and trinkets). Jezebel products also allows a woman to take control of her personal and physical encounters. Considering we are living in the time of “pussy hats”, a symbol of women who are reclaiming their lives over mistreatment, the urge to go full “jezebel” is no mystery. Understandably, it is because of the mistreatment, which was the catalyst, that women who “work that Jezebel” against the very same abusers – males who have treated them like objects. Sex workers, who are people who cater to others who have no regard for emotional connection within the sex act, are the same ‘victims’ that are being ‘worked over’ by the sex worker who will shake her thing for a dollar (or more!). These women, whether streetwalkers, strippers, or “Daddy’s girls” are using the mindset of the perpetrator against them, and getting paid for it! No wonder the predominance of pole dancers and the like are glorified in music videos and film. It is telling a tale of how the used are using, the victimizers become victims, and the scores are evened through the exchange of money.

So how does this relate to you the reader, who are doing research for magical products to empower yourself? By no means does using Jezebel products, or carrying a Jezebel root cause you to become promiscuous (as if this is a bad thing). No, it is more about empowering yourself against discrimination and prejudice. Using products that will coerce a person to treat you right in a manner that is to your liking is nothing more than what we see in the form of advertising. You are ‘giving them what they want’, in effect; your attention on YOUR terms, not theirs, and they are willing to adhere to your demands and wishes. Your personal encounters are your business, and as long as the contract is mutually agreeable, then a little “Jezebel” can’t hurt, right?

Lucky 13 Clover created their own line of women empowerment products names C’mere Lover Man, which contains Jezebel root as one of it’s main components. You can find C’mere Lover Man and other fine traditional oils and more at the Lucky 13 Clover website at

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