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Weight Loss Bathing Ritual

There are times when we feel heavy and uncomfortable in our skin. Here is a bathtime ritual to consider when you are ready to visualize and activate a more slender profile. – J.

In a large plastic container, mix:

16 oz. Epsom Salts

1/2 cup dried Hyssop

1/2 cup dried Mint

1/2 cup dried Ginger

1/2 cup ground Cinnamon

Mix together and keep dry until time to make a bath.


When you are ready to make a bath:

In a pasta pot (about 6-8 cup size) put cold water in pot and bring to a boil.

Once boiling, take 1 cup of the above mix and pour into pot. Stir and then turn off pot to cool uncovered.

While pot is cooling, clean bathtub and rinse well.

Fill with warm bath water. Pour entire pot of boiled mixture into tub.

Undress and get in, allowing the water to cover all areas of your body.

As you are in the tub, close your eyes and imagine a slimmer and more firm and fix You. Allow the cleansing propeties of the herbs to open pores and clean away impurities.

After soaking until water cools, take one plastic cup of bath water and set aside.
Then stand, drain tub, and shower as usual.

After dressing, take cup of bathwater to nearest street drain or ditch where run off water moves. The water MUST be moving. If there is no water moving in the drain, carry a bucket of water with you to pour over the spilled bathwater and to force it down the drain with the clear water.

As you pour, say, “As this water that has washed away my impurities, allow the weight to melt off of me.”

Return home and continue as long as necessary to get you back into fabulous shape!


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