Free Candle Spell | Relieve Stress and Anxiety Candle Ritual


This is a “dry bath”, where you are not completely soaking or getting your body wet, but are using small drops of water to do the cleansing. – J.


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Stress is a factor of our everyday lives. Traffic, career, family – they all contribute to it and coupling the factors of the World today, makes for one big caldron of stress and anxiety in our lives.

Here is a candle ritual for you to do to reduce the stress and anxiety from your life.



2 white free standing candles

White Sage oil

Sweet Grass oil

Lavender Oil

1 Lemon, sliced

Glass or Ceramic Bowl of salt

Glass or Ceramic Bowl of water

2 saucers or fire-proof containers




Sitting in a space where you have a table in front of you, sit in a upright back chair and place the bowl of salt on the floor between your feet.

Place glass bowl with water in center of table in front of you.

Anoint one candle with the White Sage Oil and place candle in saucer or fire-proof container to the left of the bowl of water.

Anoint the other candle with Sweet Grass Oil and place in saucer or fire-proof container to the right of the bowl of water.

Place seven drops of Lavender Oil in the bowl of water. Place the lemon slices in the water.

Swish mixture in the bowl with your hands.

Light the candles with a lighter (no matches!) and place your hands over the bowl of water. State out loud your affirmation to release stress or a prayer to be released from the grips of stress.


Here is an example of a statement of release of stress:
(You may use this one or fabricate one yourself)

I am releasing the stress and worries of my life here and now

I will no longer be enslaved by them in my mind and my body

I rebuke all negativity and ill will intent that plagues me

I reject all obstacles and blockages that ensnare me

I will not worry about the future and allow the Universe to guide me

I will breathe deeply to release all anxiety, fear, angst, and worry

I am free to be at peace with my life

I am relaxed in my everyday life

I am at rest with my life

May peace, calm, serenity, and comfort surround me

I am calm

I am at peace





Place a few drops of the water mixture on the top of your head and on your temples. Flick a few drops of the water mixture on your upper body near your heart.

Sit back with your hands lightly laying on top of your thighs and with your palms upward.

Sit quietly for a minimum of 15 minutes or more as you need. Release any thoughts at the time and sit in quiet and solitude. Let your mind unwind. Breathe deeply, slowly and exhale slowly with each breath.

When you are done, pour water and salt into the toilet and flush. Toss the lemons into the trash.

You may let the candles burn, making sure you attend to them so there is no chance of a fire. If you need to put them out, pinch them with a spit-wetted finger and thumb, or use a candle snuffer. You may re-use candles that are extinguished in this manner. To blow a candle flame out with your breath is to declare your candle spell is finished. Place candles in a safe place until you need to repeat the ritual.


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