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February is the month of Love, Love, wild and crazy, breathtaking, passionate LOVE! We all need and crave love as a human, and there are spells by the thousands that are out there to do to attract the love of your life. Here is a St. Valentine Bring Me a Love Candle Spell for you to use to attract the one you want.


St. Valentine Bring Me a Love Candle Spell:

1.) Clean a pink glass encased 7-day “Novena” vigil Candle with Florida Water, Rubbing Alcohol or Lemon Juice to remove any dust particles and residuals from the candle factory. Set aside to dry.

2.) Write a petition with the description of what you consider a ‘perfect’ love to be: kind, industrious, thrifty, fathful, hard-working, convivial, fun, sexy, energetic, etc.

3.) Carve three small holes in the candle in the shape of a triangle for placement of the oil. Shake out any spent wax.

4.) Anoint the candle with the combination of these oils:

3 drops of Look Me Over Oil (so that a possible suitor will take notice of you)
3 drops of Follow Me Boy Oil (or Follow Me Girl Oil) (so that they will follow after you)
3 drops of Fire of Love Oil (so that they will be enraptured by your magnetism)
3 drops of Kiss Me Now! Oil (so that they will hunger for your delectable kiss)

5.) Place your petition under the candle and both in a fire-safe container like an aluminum pie tin or a Pyrex pie dish or bakeware to protect you from a fire. Make sure nothing is dangling over it and that no children or pets can get to the candle out of curiosity.

6.) Smudge the entire area around the candle with a sweet smelling incense like rose or brown sugar. Recite a prayer near and dear to your heart for St. Valentine to heed your request and hear your plea.

7.) Light candle and spend time in quiet meditative prayer while conjuring in your mind the image of your perfect lover.

8.) Keep candle lit until extinguished, if possible. If you feel the need to put the candle out when you are not home, then pinch it out with spit on your fingers or invest in a brass candle snufter. Never blow out a candle, as it will indicate you are done with the candle spell burning.

9.) Repeat this candle vigil until you get the desired results.


Note: You have to do your part as well. Dress well to go out in public – clean clothes and good grooming works wonders. Be receptive to a compliment. comment on something to a potential love candidate about the weather, sports, news – anything to get them to notice you.

Sister Jacqueline, author and educator, is a reader and candle spell facilitator.  Please contact her directly through e-mail or telephone.


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