Free Candle Spells | 2017 Prosperity Experiment Candle Service Begins Jan. 28, 2017!



What is the Prosperity Experiment?

The Prosperity Experiment is a dedicated group of people that is ever-growing and truly dedicated with working with the Universe to aid and assist in changing their financial future. Many things mentioned to you throughout the month are things you innately ‘know’ or have experienced, but with everyday life, may have forgotten to use them. This is a time to reconnect with your intention of success, will to boldly move forward and activate positive financial changes in your life. During the month of the Prosperity Experiment you dream, scaffold and develop a strategy for your money and ways for increase in 2014, for as they say, “the early bird gets the worm” and you are on top of it all with the significant changes you will make during this month.

What is included in the Prosperity Experiment?

The Prosperity Experiment is 30 days of candlelight vigil with morning and evening prayers over your continuously-burning candles (5 in all) that are placed on a group table with your petition wrapped securely around the base of your candle. You will receive daily an inspirational message and short story – somethings that I have experienced over the years – that you can utilize to aid and assist in an increase of prosperity. You will receive photos of the altars and any individual candle shots if your candle will behave in an aberrant manner in any way. You will receive extra articles to consider reading and also mini posters that you can tape on your bathroom mirror or pin it to a corkboard to inspire you during this month of candle prayer service for an increase in your abundance. The cost for this 30-day continuous candle burning service is $33.00

How do you Begin?

First, click on the button to order and when you receive your confirmation e-mail of receipt of order, you will then be asked to create a petition to place under your candle. Please DO NOT ask for money to gamble or play the lottery with, as these are games of chance – the chance and odds of winning are astronomical. Instead, ask for more hours at work, someone to pay you back, a settlement, a promotion or raise, more customers, to sell a house – the list goes on.

What are the Success rates?

With any candle spell, you cannot expect to light a candle and then sit on the couch – you have to WORK IT! So, you need to send more postcards to advertise, become creative, upcycle or invent, re-work your schedule and look at where you are losing money and what is profitable to invest in. It is work – something we all dread, as we want ease and comfort – but when you loosen up you intent and drive and your goal gets out of focus, then someone swoops in and invents something you dreamed about or gets that raise before you. You must be a pro-active participant in your prosperity. I am a firm believer and recipient of “If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it” club! So get ready to PROSPER!

We have bef\gun the Prosperity Experiment. Thank you for your interest.



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