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Lucky 13 Clover Court Case Candle Kit is used when a verdict or a legal decision is to be delivered on your behalf. Court Case spells have a history of being utilized in African-American rootwork tradition for those in serious trouble with the law and is used by conjurers on the behalf of clients who are facing charges for criminal activity or the association with another who committed a crime. The image on the candle reminds us that Justice can be fair for the Innocent and can determine a future for the Guilty.

Uses for Lucky 13 Clover Court Case Candle Kit:

* When you seek a judgement in your favor or decision favorable for you

* When you are accused of “Guilt by Association” when another committed a crime in your presence or you have knowledge of certain events

*  When you are falsely accused of a crime or criminal intent

The Lucky 13 Clover Court Case Candle Kit has one dark brown candle, an application of oil, ground herbs, and complete instructions to burn this candle for you or your loved ones court case.

This candle can be purchased in a kit or the candle only.

Order by clicking here:Lucky 13 Clover Court Case Candle and Kit


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