Free Candle Spells | Did You Know? – Using Nature to Assist in Hoodoo Spells



Determining what to do with your spell and the effects it will have on the intended ‘victim’, depends on what the final results is that you are desiring. Here is a general idea on what you would like to occur when fashioning your charm or spell:

If you want to keep something or someone close, bury your charm in your backyard.

If you want to attract something to you, bury it under your front door step.

If you want the influence to be destroyed, set fire to and burn it.

If you want the situation to sink under the water or go away, throw it in moving water.

If you want to keep negativity at a distance, throw it into the crossroads of two roads.

If you want to fix the influence, put it in the center of a five-spot pattern (aka “quincunx”).

If you want spirits to work with your jinx, bury it in a graveyard.

If you want to keep secret where the spell came from, hide it in a crook of a tree.

If you want your spell to work in secret, give it in someone’s food or drink.

If you want to work by being stealthy, hide it in their clothing or on objects.

If you want the influence to begin or strengthen, throw it to the East.

If you want the influence to end or weaken, throw it to the West.

If you want your spell’s effects to come and go like a tide, place it in a bay or where there is a tide.






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