Free Candle Spells | How to Use Floor Washes – Pt. 2

Part 1 of this article explained in detail how to perform a cleansing to rid a home of unwanted or negative things. This article is to instruct you how to perform an attraction cleansing to draw in or “bring in” good luck, positive energy, money and
love. – J.

Some traditional spiritual workers clean by the phases of the Moon, where they will do a house cleansing using a floor wash for ridding or removing negativity right during the phase when the Moon is decreasing from Full Moon to Waning crescent. It is believed that during this time when the Moon is growing smaller or thinner, that reversal and releasing on ill will, jealousy, envy and other negative “stuff” is most effective.

It is also believed that when the Moon is growing larger in size, or waxing, which is the period from New Moon (total darkness of the night sky) to Waxing Gibbous (almost completely but not quite round) is the time to do “drawing in” or attraction work for things like love, money, success and good luck. The day and night of the Full Moon is the optimum time to do spiritual work to work towards a desired goal. these are not hard an fast rules, and you should consider your own beliefs as if the need arises, then do not wait until a certain Moon phase to do your spiritual cleansing work if there is an urgent need or the need to take quick action on a certain situation.

Spiritual house cleansings using floor washes that have attraction herbs and root in them are used in the opposite manner then the ritual for removal of negative things. In this case, you will work from the front door to the farthest room away from the front door and/or right out through the back door. This is because the theory is that the goodness and blessings will come through the front door and the ritual of disposing of the water in farthest back area of your home will “keep it there to stay” especially if the water is poured in the East direction or to the South to ask blessings from Ancestors. Again, keeping in mind that you have previously done the regular general cleaning with your over the counter cleaning products as well as dusting, sweeping and vacuuming, and then doing any reversal or removing washes for getting rid of the negativity, you are now ready to “bring in” goodness and blessings.

Starting at the front door, wash everything that you can down with your attraction floor wash, making sure you get corners, under furniture, doors and doorknobs, light switches, banisters and railings, table tops and bookcases, and any and all places that you can apply a light solution of the floor wash and water. Make sure you do not apply to your antiques or anything that will be damaged by the liquid. For cleaning the carpet, you can use a straw broom to dip the tips into the water that is in a bucket and tap the broom to the side of the bucket to release extra water and lightly brush broom over carpet towards the back door to apply a light mist of attraction floor wash to the carpet areas of your home. Using toweling to wash down the hardwood and tiled areas of your home is fine. Some own three brooms – one for general cleaning; one specially marked for removal work and a third marked for attraction work – so that the dust and the solutions on the straw broom tips do not get mixed up.

After you have systematically worked through the home and through or out the back door, dispose of the water in your farthest east-facing or south-facing direction of the yard. If you live in an apartment, you may take your bucket and go to the corner of the commons area or parking lot to dispose in the same manner. Once that is done, light a white candle and smudge or burn incense designed to work with the attraction cleansing work you just performed – money incense for prosperity, success
incense for advancements and education, etc.

Store your marked broom for cleansing upright on their handle point end (preferably leaning in a corner) and also away from others who may accidentally grab them for general sweeping purposes. Wash your toweling as usual and store in a separate area to keep clean and available anytime you need to do your spiritual cleansing of the home.

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