Free Candle Spells | How to Use Floor Washes – Pt. 1


One of the best ways to clear a house or a room for a change in Seasons is to do a thorough home cleaning and cleansing with washes prepared with roots and herbs to lift negativity and usher in new beginnings and experiences. This includes spiritual floor washes that can not only be used on floors as the traditional title implies, but on other surfaces as well.

The traditional herbal waters and elixirs used in spiritual cleansing date back to when carpet was not attached to the floor and most floors were hardwood with area carpets or rugs laid on top of them. Many homes used the carpets in winter to protect the family from cold drafts, but beat them and rolled them up and stored them in the warmer months. This would leave the hardwood flooring exposed for daily cleanings, since things would be ‘tracked in’ from the outside, including any jinxes, cursing powers, or products that would activate “crossed conditions” for an individual or family. Thus, the herbal concoctions commonly known as “floor washes” were created to keep the family safe from jealousy, envy, or any negative magic ‘thrown’ for them.

It is also held that there are two ‘rules of thumb’ regarding floor washes: 1.) Using banishing washes to remove or get rid of something and mopping or washing from the back of the home to the front door and 2.) utilizing attraction herbal waters to ‘bring in’ or draw positive things like money, luck, or love into the home and wiping down or mopping from he front door, through the home, and then out the back door.

Before performing any house cleansing, do a general cleaning of the home, making sure you vacuum under all furniture you can move (sofas, tables, cabinets), dusting, laundering pillows, throw blankets, etc., cleaning the bathroom, closets, and kitchen. Make sure that you also toss any old newspapers or magazines, junk mail, and donate old clothing or unwanted shoes to the thrift store. Broken objects need to be put n the trash, as you are trying to get your life on order and holding onto something that you think you will fix someday is working against the natural laws of attraction. Replace it instead of working on it, as the new item is probably more efficient than the one waiting to be fixed. Plan to spend a major part of one day doing this. Plan the use most of the evening or even the next way to do the spiritual cleansing.

When you are ready to perform your ritual, make sure you have showered and are wearing comfortable clothes. To perform a floor washes to get rid of negativity, remove obstacles holding you back, or to open your roads, start at the back of the home, and move towards and out the back door. If you live in a two or three story home, start at the room farthest from the stairwell, then go to each room on that floor and always moving towards the stairs, eventually moving down the stairs to the landing. then on the first floor (or only floor if living in a one-story dwelling), start from the room farthest back, and work towards the front door. Remember a ‘wrap-around’ floor plan might put you at the door in the kitchen that leads to the garage, and that would be the perfect “back door” to magically use. If you live in a dwelling where there is no ‘back door’ or garage door, start at the corner furthest away from the front door and move towards the front door.

As you move through the room, wipe down everything – bookcases, dressers, headboards, cabinets, doors, door handles, mirrors – everything. Some people will start at the top of the wall and wipe it down as well. Make sure you get every corner of the room and on the floor. Wipe everything down to the floor, then wipe the floor out towards the door of the room, then down the hall and towards the stairs or towards the front door. Proceed through all of the room in this fashion as you move towards the front door. Some will purchase a straw broom marked especially for use to lightly ‘sweep’ the carped areas with the solution. Just dip the tips of the straw broom into the bucket with the water and floor wash, tap the extra liquid off, and lightly brush over the carpet, still moving towards the front door.

Once at the door, wash the inside of the door and knob, moving to the outside door and knob, then the lintel and threshold, moving onto the doorstep, porch or concrete landing. Many pour the water out towards the east, but if you have a front door facing other directions, you may have difficulty doing this. Some continue to wash down the concrete walkway leading to the porch or landing, and down the walkway to the street, ending at the gutter and pouring the water in the gutter so it goes down the drain. Others follow up from porch to street with a clear water wash so that they do not have the tires of a car or shoes track it back in the home. The belief is that running water will “run off” or remove a condition, which is your goal in this cleansing work.

After doing this, enter the house and light a white candle in the enter of the main room of your home, be it living room or dining/kitchen area. You may smudge each room or burn incense, making sure you smudge closets and under furniture such as beds and tables. Some with take small shot glasses and fill them with water and leave in the corners of each room for up to three days. You may purchase shot glasses at your neighborhood thrift store rather cheaply, and save them for future cleansing. Some advocate placing eggs in the four corners of each room, removing them after three days. Do what is best for your cultural beliefs or ancestral heritage information that guides you.

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Part two: How to use floor washes to bring in or draw positive energy and blessings to your home.


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