Free Candle Spells | New Moon in Leo – Hear me ROAR!

The New Moon in Leo occurs on July 16, 2015 at 9:25 pm E.S.T. This Moon, in the last decanate of Cancer, will move into the astrological sign of Leo , the Lion very soon. The Leo Moon is considered a “Fixed” Fire sign, meaning that the energy is considered to be Determined, strong, stable and unchangeable.

The New Moon time is considered to be most auspicious for burning candles to increase in monetary gains, especially when money needs to obtained from an additional source such as a loan from the bank, rather than income. Now is also the time to consider changing out your altar cloths to golds and yellows, and the more luxe and rich fabrics available, the better! Leo energy is all about the ‘majestic lifestyle’.


You may want to burn green “Money Drawing” or, yellow “Crown of Success” candles at this time.

Additional planetary movements during the next two weeks indicate that along with Leo’s energy, there is some interaction with Jupiter and Mars, meaning there will be lots of energy, but maintaining focus and the tendency to “go off into the wild yonder” will be challenging, as enthusiasm is greatly enhanced, but without little or no planning or substance. Make sure you are not goaded into defending your ‘turf’ or position on subjects near and dear to you; as this will also come into play in the next two weeks. Cooler heads will prevail. Make sure political discussions do not boil over, as we are still under the Mercury in Pluto energy, meaning that a “do or die trying/fighting” energy may be roused up by staunch supporters of one political party or the other. Tread carefully, as current events are touching the very core beliefs of many Americans.

The next Full Moon will be July 31, 2015. It is considered a “Blue Moon”




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