Free Candle Spells | Mercury Retrograde Coming This Week!


The second of three Mercury Retrograde times will occur May 18th and last until June 11, 2015. As in past articles, Mercury, the plant of Communication that rules the astrological signs of Gemini and Virgo, will slow down, stop, then appear to move backwards, or retrograde, across the sky. This is an optical illusion, In reality, the movement of “moving backwards” is not true; it is simply banking a curve in its orbit and appears to be moving backwards to the human eye. These times are called “retrogrades” and they occur with Mercury three times in a year as we know it.

When Mercury is moving forward, negotiations succeed, contracts are signed, travel is easy and clarity in communications with others are easy. During the three Mercury Retrograde times, e-mails are sent into cyber-space, letters get “lost” in the mail, documents should not be signed, and agreements and major decisions should be delayed, as many of these contractual decisions might need to be “re-worked” after Mercury goes direct, or once again returns to a forward movement position in the sky.

Other things to consider delaying in the event of a Mercury Retrograde:

* Making car repairs (unless necessary)
* Purchasing major appliances
* Purchasing cars (might buy a ‘lemon’)
* Signing a mortgage or other legal documents
* Making serious life changing decisions
* Initiate new businesses or new programs for success
Things to do to ride out a Mercury Retrograde:

* Send in payments early; double check that they were received
* Delay any medical or dental procedure, if possible
* Back up computer to hard drive, save all important documents
* Make sure computer system is on a power strip or surge blocking device
* Make sure you allow plenty of time to travel any distance
* Do not commit to a relationship or a change in a relationship
* Do not sign contract (if possible)
* Download newest security software to computer and cell phone
The time during a Mercury Retrograde can successfully be use to spend in quiet and journal and reviewing what has occurred in the past three month, so that you can see objectively the successes and roadblocks you have experienced. It is also a time to write down specific goals for the next three months.

With is particular Mercury Retrograde being in the sign of Gemini (which is the signs Mercury rules – as well as Virgo) be extra, EX-tra, EXTRA careful on what you say. Things might get totally misconstrued and then you’ll have a lot of explaining to do. Take it easy, take it slow. Say nothing, and let things work themselves out.



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