Free Candle Spells | St. Expedite Feast Day – April 19th

Saint Expedite, beloved of many residents of New Orleans and other places, is the patron saint of people who have faith in his rapid solutions to their problems, who want immediate financial success and those who want the delays and procrastination of situations to cease so that forward movement to an end can be seen. Some petition him to aid and assist in overcoming bad habits long needed of change. His feast day is April 19th and many set up altars, burning candles and giving offerings in his honor. His day is Wednesday.

Saint Expedite is pictured as a young brown haired Roman soldier draped in a red cape, holding a palm frond in one hand and an upright cross with the words “HODIE” (“today” in Old Latin) on it. Under his right foot is a black crow, holding a ribbon in his mouth with the word “CRAS” (“tomorrow” in Old Latin) written across it. The message of the image is traditionally held as that you need to stamp out putting off for tomorrow what can be done today.

St. Expedite is popular in Italy, Spain. Portugal and Latin America, as well as New Orleans, LA, where a statue of Expedite is stationed in the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Rampart Street (pictured above). Legend has it that when the construction of the Church had finished, the priests sent an order for statuary to place in the Church. One crate arrived with the words “EXPEDITO” (meaning to rush, hurry or “expedite”). The priests thought that the word “EXPEDITO” was the name of this statue was Expedite; hence the legend was born. There are statues of St. Expedite worldwide, thus creating more of a mystery on who this Saint really is!

Altars honoring Saint Expedite are filled with flowers and red candles, to match his red cloak, but also red is a magical candle color to symbolize energy, “heat” and power. If you choose to work with Expedite, light a red candle and place it center back on the table, with his statue or image to the right hand corner and the glass of water to the left like this:

     Red Candle

                Glass of water                                                       Statue or Framed image of Expedite


If using a prayer card taped to the candle, set the candle to the right side and the water glass to the left side like this:

 Glass of water                      Candle with image

If and when St. Expedite grants your wishes and answers your prayers, you need to “pay” him. I say “if” he answers your prayers as sometimes he will not “work” with you for your immediate success. Do not take this as an insult; it is simply he is not the one you need to be petitioning for your situation. However, if he does bring you the the blessings you request, it is tradition to give him the gift of flowers, slices of pound cake (some say Sara Lee frozen pound cake that has been thawed) and some say a glass of red wine. It is crucial to make this offering to him after his work is done, as to not do so will incur his wrath and he will take back all that he has given you. Some go so far as to publish in the local newspaper his wondrous works in honor, just like many do so as customary for St. Jude.

Harry Middleton Hyatt, African American folklore historian and minister, records this entry in his studies:

“Well, St. Espedee works very quickly. His light is a red light on a Wednesday. He’s fo’ close ‘scapes-he’s fo quick money. But then there is a call behin’ him. Somebody must go behin’ St. Espedee. He takes unless yo’ give him flowers. Yo’ must give him flowers because if not, then someone out of the house will pass on.”

{New Orleans, LA Informant# not noted; E6:7 E19:3=2839-2852} {Vol.2, Pg.962}

Traditionally, you are to approach your altar daily and state your prayer daily as your candle burns (several days) and when your request is granted, pour the water from the glass into the empty candle glass and place your flowers in it (using the glass candle as a vase). Set the pound cake on a plate in front of his image and pour red wine in the glass that held the water originally. After a day or two, take the pound cake and crumble it for the birds outside and pour the wine in the grass outside. Allow the flowers to naturally fade and wilt, then toss into the trash. Tell someone he has helped them.

Some will pay him in advance, hoping that he will speed up the process of answering their prayers but I have no idea if this is as effective a following the traditional methodology of setting up his altar.





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