Free Candle Spells | 2015 Prosperity Experiment – February 18, 2015


Announcing the 2015 Prosperity Experiment beginning February 18, 2015


Prosperity Experiment 2010

I moved the date of the 2015 Prosperity Experiment this year because of the Mercury Retrograde happening just after the New Moon of January. I didn’t want to chance that things to go so terribly wrong during a Mercury retrograde while we are praying for good things. This first of two events will begin February 18, 2015 – Ash Wednesday.

* What is the Prosperity Experiment?

It is a group of dedicated individuals who have a “run” of 5 green candles burned for them throughout a month-long candle service. They also receive a daily inspirational note in an e-mail from me and tips and tricks to keep the abundance going long after the candles are over.

Prosperity Experiment 2008

Prosperity Experiment 2008

This is the eighth year that we have been holding this month long candle service altar and in recent years, it has expanded into a two-month “rider” group and also the mid-year Prosperity Experiment in July. In those eight years I have seen houses sold, new businesses opened, raises, lottery wins (small but still a good thing), new clients and child support and tax refund checks being released when previously being ‘held up’ on some technicality.

* How you can Participate?

If you are in need of prayer and green candles burnt for you to increase your abundance, wealth, prosperity blessings and to ensure a raise or advancement, then this is for you. Order you set of 5 candles and daily inspirational e-mail messages by clicking the button below. Additional information will be needed before the event begins. We have started the Prosperity Experiment and have closed this offer. www.lucky13clover.com_elk_grove_ca

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