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Mercury, the planet of Communication, will go in Retrograde three times this year as it always does, seemingly throwing us a proverbial “wrench” in plans. The dates for the Mercury Retrograde periods for 2015 are as follows:

* January 21st to February 11, 2015

* May 18th to June 11, 2015

* September 17th to October 9, 2015

When Mercury enters it’s Retrograde station, it appears to have stopped moving across the night sky and will appear to be retreating backward, hence the word retrograde. It has been said that during this time of moving backwards, communications in all forms is troubled and difficult to work through. There has been times during a retrograde period that computers will crash, letters get stuck or lost in the mail, deadlines are not met and relationships of all kinds, both personal and professional, are strained in some cases.

Many people who are aware of these effects or if they have aspects that are affected by Mercury’s Retrograde station in their astrology chart, will prepare and work with the retrograde stationing. Many are not aware that this planet is affecting us and the frustration of delays and broken promises and missed deadlines make us feel like we are being personally attacked in some way, therefore bring hurt feelings to the surface and sometimes built up slights and actions will more likely be vocalized during this time – the ‘shadow’ affect of us holding in these emotions. The release of this energy is what a Mercury Retrograde is about.

When Mercury is moving backwards, it is retreating “into its shadow” and this is when those ‘shadow’ remarks, feelings and situations are revisited and may resurface. Communication during Mercury Retrograde is cloudy and more of a challenge than other times, and taking steps to work on things with introspection is a safe way to get through the three weeks of the retrograde times.

Although some things are never predictable, here are some things you can do to survive a Mercury Retrograde:

* If at all possible , do not sign contracts or other legally binding agreements during this time. Ask for more time to review and reflect on the agreement.

* If paying bills by the postal service, plan for a couple extra days to get to their destination without the possibility of a late fee or interruption of service.

* It is advisable not to make grandiose professions of love or propose marriage during this time as some verbiage may be misconstrued. Better to wait out the three weeks of the retrograde cycle.

* Back up your computer to a hard drive or flash drive in the event electronic communications go haywire and your projects are frozen in cyberspace or worse.

* Try to plan car maintenance repairs either before or after the retrograde cycle as you may find that you night have to have the job redone afterward. Of course, you will have to make emergency repairs and those may also need a “re-do” but the less that you spend on car repair during retrograde periods, the better it will be for your budget.

* It is best not to ask for a raise or promotion at these times, but to hunker down and focus on getting your job done in an effective manner to please the employer so you can ask for the raise after the retrograde period is over.

* When facing an approaching retrograde period or if you are in the throes of one, make sure that when speaking to people that you choose your words carefully as some people will tend to be more sensitive during the retrograde than at other times.

It has been said that if you were born during a Mercury retrograde, the opposite will work for you as it will be a more opportune time to take care of some of the above mentioned items that would be affected in a negative way for the rest of us. You can your birth chart by clicking the link.


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