Free Candle Spells | New Moon in Leo – It’s About the Money and the Honey!



The New Moon in Leo occurs on July 26, 2014 at 5:43 pm E.S.T. This Moon is considered a “Fixed” fire sign Moon, means that the energy is creative, unchangeable, determined and aggressive. Now would be the time to create and light your candle spells for growth and advancement. Like the astrological sign of Leo the Lion, it is time to “go in for the kill”.

New Moon lunations are traditionally held as times for new beginnings – jobs, lovers, homes – and the gaining of these things. This is the time to burn yellow candles anointed with Steady Work Oil or Crown of Success Oil. Time to connect with that special someone? Use Follow Me Girl Oil on yourself if trying to attract a woman or Follow Me Boy if trying to attract a man.

The New Moon in Leo is the time to dress your altar in lavish fabrics and polish up the crystal and brass candlesticks. This is the time to cast spells for money when the money needs to come from somewhere else, rather than by your own hands. You might want to apply for a loan or consider refinancing your mortgage and harness the energy of this Moon to help you in the process. Love spells are favored at this time as the Moon in Leo is excellent for romantic pursuits.

Additional planetary aspects of the next two weeks Neptune and Pluto are already in retrograde prior to this time and with Uranus joins them in retrograde status, it is a time where you need to ponder what lessons you have gone through lately and try to “figure it all out” on a broader platform. The planets are not asking you to grow and expand, this is a good time to work on you and your personal life. Even though life seems like it is “slow as molasses”, inner workings are happening. Think: Where am I at this time in life and where do I want to be? This is a good time to contemplate what results or outcomes you want to have happen to you in your life and the lives you touch. Burning blue candles anointed with Peaceful Home Oil might be a good thing to do for all concerned. Life will get back to a speedier pace soon.

The next Full Moon will occur on August 10, 2014

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