Free Candle Spells | Using Personal Item to Zero in on Your Lover – Pt. 1


The first of two part of an article about collecting personal items or concerns to use in love magic spells – J.

While Valentine’s Day reminds us of all things about love, it is the day-to-day world in which we live in that gives us a lot of opportune times to gather items from our intended lover to place in a love candle spell. When used in a magical spell, person objects or concerns are like a GPS system is for a drone rocket. Instead of burning candles without the aid and assistance of a personal item or concern, try using one to “zero in” on your target. This is one example of coercive candle spell magic.

What Personal Items and Concerns Can Be Used:

Some say only Personal Concerns can be used, but I have been very successful with using something as innocent as a keychain given to me by someone to keep me in their good graces many years ago. It is an item that they purchased/previously owed/touched and then given to you, that makes the item “charged” with their energy. The “Golden Rule” is that the closer the object is to the person, the more effectively the magick will affect them. In the case of the keychain, it was a corporate gift from the person that he had created for his team – and the company’s name was the same as the owner! So, if you ‘read between the lines’, my “target” was the owner of the company, the company was the owner’s name and the key chain was kept in a honey jar so they would be “sweet” to all my requests.


Other Personal Items that Can Be Used:

* Photographs

* Business Cards

* Signature/Autograph

* Drivers License (most likely an expired one)

* Copy of Birth Certificate

* Social Security card (hey, you never know!)


Important Reasons for Collecting Personal Items or Concerns

The old belief that ‘the more you put into it, the more you are going to get out of it’ describes it best here. Many people want the magick to happen, they just don’t want to “do the work”. Maybe it is difficult to get the item, or they have not seen the person for some time in order to collect the item. This is when you have to become a “Spiritual Detective” and seek them out if you want to collect the personal items or concerns. Being afraid of getting ‘caught’ will only heighten the effect of the spell because you are taking that risk to get that item. I will say this right now, about 99% ofthe time people do not think of collecting personal items or concerns when things are good or the opportunity presented itself; unfortunately, most times it is “after the fact” that they think of collecting them. Let me say this three times right now so that it will ring true:


When the ‘getting is good’, collect your items then or now

When the ‘getting is good’, collect your items then or now

When the ‘getting is good’, collect your items then or now


These items can be tucked into a red flannel mojo bag and placed next to a red candle to burn to bring them closer or can be placed under the candles, such as a signature or photograph, so that they will ‘feel the heat’ from your love candle flame. Some go as far as to tuck this mojo bag into their underwear drawer in the bureau or even between their breasts or pinned inside their panties or boxers so ‘remind’ the intended of what they might be missing!

Soon, Part 2 of Personal Concerns


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