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Mercury, the planet of communication ends it’s thrice-yearly march through our lives. Some sail through a Mercury Retrograde, depending on where the planet was at the time of their birth, but for the majority of us, it is a pain in the…ahem! We don’t have to say much more!

OK, so the new clothes you bought suddenly became ugly, the car will have to have another alignment because the first one didn’t resolve the wheel wobbling. Your love life in in ruins and you suddenly think you’ve been shafted by the insurance agent for more coverage than you need. Your world went haywire and now you have to pick up the pieces and do over all what you thought you have accomplished.

I was once an non-believer of Mercury Retrograde until I was the recipient of some harsh reality. Many years ago I drove a delivery vehicle for a flower shop during February. Early into the month, I casually spoke about Mercury Retrograde and how the symbol of the FTD florist was the winged god Mercury. Their cross-country flower ordering communications system was affectionately called “Merc”. A couple of days before Valentine’s Day, the Retrograde period began. The “Merc” went down and the flower shop owner had to call in a computer technician. They made attempt after attempt to get this system up and running, all the while sweating bullets because one of the largest volume floral holiday was breathing down our necks. I made a comment that it was probably Mercury Retrograde that was affecting the machinery. On February 13th, it was finally fixed. The machine printed for over an hour straight, not stopping with the exception of having more paper put in the bin, and order upon order had been “stuck” in the system. We had to work all night to make sure each and every order was filled. The owner told me, “Don’t ever tell me again when there is this Mercury Retrograde. I don’t want to hear about it!”

By the way, my purse was stolen on Valentine’s Day as I was out making a delivery. Some punk broke in the van window to open the door take my purse and a dozen roses. Must have been karma for the “messenger” – me.

Despite what you have experienced during this Retrograde, here are some positive actions to take to help get things back on track: * Back up computer files. Do system scan for bugs and fixes. * Change your passwords to all major accounts online. * Check your banking accounts to make sure no erroneous charges were attached to your accounts. * Go through that stack of letters on your desk, making sure that you systematically toss or file each item so that you do no miss anything. * Contact anyone who you had a disagreement with during the last three weeks in an attempt to resolve any lingering conflicts. * Reiterate your position on major decisions and go over any contracts you may have signed during this time to be sure you completely understand the terms of the document. * Detox and purge your body. Use Bach’s Rescue Remedy Flower Essence to bring you back to calm. Take Epsom Salts baths. Eat lightly and drink spring water for a couple of days. Drink dandelion tea to cleanse the blood. Take naps, if you have that luxury.

More importantly, reflect on the incidents that occurred during this time and reflect on their meaning – the “whys” and “hows” of their occurrence. Re-evaluate what was going on in your life three weeks ago and make a list of how you could have handled it better. Burning Reversible candles would be helpful at this time.

The next and last Mercury Retrograde time for 2014 will occur October 4-25, 2014.

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