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Chinese Wash is a solution of soap, oils and herbs that is used to clean an area in rituals known as “Spiritual Housecleanings” or “Housecleansings”. Specifically designed to apply with water to messes left by a root-workers, it also believed to be useful in cleaning away negativity and opening up avenues of opportunity, keeping households and businesses calm and productive and for calming the home from family spats, arguments, and fighting by couples. Further regional beliefs said that many businesses use it to attract customers and keep good relations with their clientele.

Many versions of Chinese Wash have been around since the 1920’s The first major company to produce Chinese Wash was Oracle Products, located in New York City. When this business closed, many other companies created their own versions of the mixture.

Mojo Moon brand Chinese Wash follows the teachings of traditional hoodoo workers and the written history of Harry M. Htatt’s oral traditions of hoodoo that were recorded in the 1930’s by adding fresh broom straw to the bottle of Chinese Wash, to carry on hoodoo tradition.

The traditional ritual application of is two or three spoonfuls added to a bucket of warm water. Some old time root-workers add clear ammonia to the bucket for added spiritual cleaning. The belief that you clean the home or business “top floor to downstairs” and “back of the house to the front” holds the belief of taking evil messes out the front door from which it entered the building and out to the street where it originated. It is also traditionally held that once the house has been cleaned, you continue with the porch area, the steps and walkway leading up to your door, and eventually right out to the gutter or drain in the street. It is said that you then follow this cleaning with a clear water rinse to eliminate any residual messes. Some follow with a second application of water mixed with beneficial oils to attract business, love, fast luck and prosperity to the home or business. Some will use water infused with a sweetener such as sugar (for the sweetness of life) and cinnamon (to attract money and love).

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