Free Candle Spells | New Year’s Eve Banishing Negativity Burn – Dec. 31st


I am pleased to announce the New Year’s Eve Banishing Negativity Burn on December 31, 2013. This event, now in it’s fifth year, is a way for you to release any negativity that has been placed on you to start the New Year fresh and ready to move forward in a positive manner. It is also a way to remove negative people in your life that have been giving you grief and keeping you down. It has been purposeful and a real way to end the year with a clean slate – just in time to plan and develop strategies for a prosperous, successful, and eventful life full of possibilities!

* How do I participate? *

First, determine which package you will need to send out from your life all the evil, jealousy and negative influences from your life. Then, pick from one of the packages below and I will be in touch with you for your personal petitions and/or the names of those who you want banished out of your life. Finally, on New Year’s Eve a bonfire is started with the candles and petitions, followed by the burning of the dolls, all while prayers are said and ceremonial incense is applied to the bonfire. The whole process is photographed, from candles to petitions and construction of dolls (if you choose this method). Here are some photos from years past.

We have started preparations so we cannot take any more orders. God Bless you all in 2014!


www.tarotbyjacqueline.com_banishing_negativity burn_candles     

www.tarotbyjacqueline.com_black_poppet_doll_baby_for_client     www.tarotbyjacqueline.com_banishing_burn_dolls

Hurry! Because only a limited number of custom black poppet dolls (aka “voodoo dolls”) will be created and since these are not pre-made but made by hand as each order comes in, time must be calculated for completion of each. Please Note: Once we are at capacity, we will withdraw this article and it will be replaced with another selection. At that time, ordering will be closed.


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