Free Candle Spells | Mercury Retrograde Alert! – October 21, 2013

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Mercury, the ruling planet of the astrological signs of Gemini and Virgo, will go Retrograde on October 21, 2013. It will stay at this position until November 11, 2013 and this will be during the time that the Moon will be in the astrological signs of Libra until October 23rd) and Scorpio (October 24th-November 11th), so persons born under these signs may be affected a bit more in regards to delays in decisions and advancement.

Mercury Retrogrades affect people in various ways, depending on where the planet Mercury is stationing at the time of their birth. Most Mercury Retrogrades will cause us to have postal mail deliveries of important documents take longer or become ‘lost in the mail’, so it is best that when a Mercury Retrograde is coming, try to mail the credit card payments in a day or two early to ward off any delays. Many times there are communication mistakes such as your e-mails go off into the Twilight Zone and are never delivered to the intended recipient or what is said to you and what you say to others can be misconstrued and taken the wrong way. Mercury is the planet of communication in all forms. This is the time to slow down, re-read, re-state your proposal or intention, and try to not make any hasty or important and life-changing decisions until after November 15th.

The next few days are a great time to get all your thoughts of future projects on paper and stash it somewhere for decisive moves in three weeks because Mercury Retrogrades are also the time to rest, contemplate and plan. Cocoon in your favorite comfy clothes or blanket on the couch and journal or sort all those family photos into books and boxes. Make your holiday menus and shopping lists. File stacks of mail and bills in the cabinet or closet and re-arrange your winter and summer clothes tubs. Go through your old clothes and donate gently-used items to the thrift store and toss the worn down flip-flops. Grab a good book or use this “down-time” to meditate and spend time in prayer with the Heavens above. Nap and drink lots of tea.

Given that we are also experiencing a Lunar Eclipse on the 22nd, the greater message here is: “The divide of the two opposites is so wide that each appears as if the other is a foreigner or an alien. Making your way through the middle ground of these two opposites is the best course of action for survival”

NOTE: It is strongly urged that when you feel you are in ‘crisis mode’, do not use perception-altering substances such as drugs or alcohol as the pressures of this time may influence a larger quantity or dosage than normal to quiet your thoughts. Again, use sensibility and calming herbal teas, naps and relying on the power of control and Spirit to get you through.

This is the last of three Mercury Retrogrades for 2013. The next Mercury Retrograde is in February 2014. I have written blog posts in the past regarding Mercury Retrogrades, and you can view them here:

Burning Reversible Candles to ward off things that may occur during this time is a great way to keep the problems ‘on the down low’ and to keep an even balance on all things that might come up. To order the three pack of Reversible Candle to be burned for you during this time, click on the button below and candles will be started for you and will continue to burn through November 11, 2013 to reverse any potential issues that might raise their ugly heads.

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