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Jupiter in Cancer June 26, 2013 to June 2014

* What does the planet Jupiter represent? *

The planet Jupiter is astrologically considered the planet of expansion and increase. It is the planet associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the Archer and Pisces the Fish. Jupiter’s sigil or glyph is a stylized number four (shown above) and the color is purple.

Jupiter visits one astrological sign a year as it takes 12 years to circle the astrological belt. Jupiter energy is masculine and is associated with the ninth (House of Philosophy) and twelfth (House of the Subconscious) houses.

Traditionally labeled “The Greater Fortune”, Jupiter will give you a sense of a Higher Purpose. Depending on where it lies in your horoscope, it will set in place your ideals and happiness factors and will foretell whether your life’s course will be smooth freeways or rocky roads. Jupiter is kind and benevolent, but does not take too kindly to laziness and sloth, so grow and flourish in a positive manner by keeping busy on projects utilizing a forward motion to accomplish goals. Looking as to where Jupiter is in your chart at the time of birth will aid you in using Jupiter energy to the max.

* How can Jupiter assist You? *

Jupiter most precious gift is to guide you to your highest capacity, fulfillment and happiness. Many paths that you may take to achieve this is through travel, learning, philosophy and life challenges. Where Jupiter is in your chart will indicate where you are in the sphere of your life (astrological house) and the method of motion (astrological sign) that you will take to make these leaps in your life. Jupiter will also determine certain character aspects such as stinginess or generosity.

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* What Jupiter in Cancer means for You? *

When Jupiter is the astrological sign of Cancer, the expansion will be in all areas that Cancer rules: home, family, children, security and the breasts and stomach regions of the body. You may see children being born into the family or the purchases of larger houses. You might see your waistline expanding as well if you do not take care and maintain a healthy weight, as Jupiter in Cancer also rules entertaining at home with delicious food, which is Jupiter in Cancer at it’s best and worst!

You can best use the energy of Jupiter in Cancer by focusing on an in crease in what affects the family – security and prosperity. If you have a family-run or home-based business, burning purple candles for Jupiter and green candles for money together, along with a carefully worded prayer petition, will be most beneficial until June 2014.

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