Free Candle Spells | Mid-Year 2013 Prosperity Experiment Event!


The Mid-Year Prosperity Experiment for 2013 will begin in July 8, 2013, on the next New Moon. Coupling this with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, entering the sign of Cancer on June 25th, this means big gains for those Moon Children and also for those who want to bring major prosperity to their home and family life!

* What is the Prosperity Experiment?*

The Prosperity Experiment, now in its 6th year, is a group of souls like yourself who are striving for additional abundance, prosperity and financial gain. This event, which happens twice a year, is a way to have a constant stream of candlelight prayer said for your intention for 30 days. Each candle (total of 5) will be lit in a group, and prayed over once in the morning and again at night, for the intentions on the petitions from you to manifest for you. Some of the past successes of the groups has been selling a home that was on the market for 6 months without any offers, additional free lance work from another person, jobs, lottery winnings and increases in businesses.


* We have started the Event. Please consider participating in the January 2014 Prosperity Experiment Please make sure you are on our Newsletter list for announcements on the next Prosperity Experiment *



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