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Lila asks:

Will this work to bring a married couple closer together?




This is a good question because even though the candle is labeled Saint Jude Pink Love Come to Me Candle, is can be used to bring a new love to you or focus on one particular person.



Parts of the prayer printed on the candle asks for a person who loves the petitioner  unconditionally, supports them in successful endeavors and wants only them (meaning not looking for an outside interest).

I would consider doing the St. Jude Pink Love Candle  if there are aspects about one or the other of the couple that need some changing, Parts of the prayer printed on the back read:

“Please send to me one who will not cheat, gamble, lie, steal, abuse, or harm me in any way.”

Given that, is there parts of the relationship you need to change? He needs to change?

It could be suggested that before you consider any candle spell, make a list of what is good and what is bad about the relationship. We have heard this a gazillion times before, but I even use it in my areas of work. What is it that I like or tolerate? What is it about the situation that I have or makes me angry. Writing or keeping a journal is an excellent way to extract feelings without hurting anyone because only your eyes, and maybe your Guardian Angel will know.

The use of pink in the color of relationships is because it denotes affection, romance, and tenderness. The color red is considered “too hot” for long-lasting relationships because of the the fiery nature of the candle stirs up passion and can turn a relationship into one of just the physical part of love  (sex) without caring for the other person. It is basically about the “Wham bam,thank you Ma’am”. Not saying that you could use a red candle alongside the St. Jude if the bedroom follies has hit a rut, as sometimes relationships do because of stress, work, kids and just the everyday worries of life.

If you are just going through a “rough patch”, then it will aid and assist to bring some tenderness and tranquility to the home. I would suggest the addition of “Peace In My Home” Oil to the candle, mixed with the St. Jude Love Oil that comes in the kit.

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Thank you for the good question!



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