Free Candle Spells | Spring Cleaning Hoodoo Style!

This time of the year and the natural and spiritual celebrations that just occurred reminds us that Spring is for rebirth and a new beginning. There is more than just one meaning behind the words “Spring Cleaning” and if you are ready to rid your home and personal belongings as well as yourself of some of the doom and gloom, negativity and dark clouds that have been surrounding you, read on!

For information on deep cleaning both physically and spiritually, please read:

“Hoodoo Products and Uses | Ammonia and Epsom Salts – Dynamic Duo of Negativity Clearing”

Once you have cleaned, protect and seal your home with these rituals:

“Free Candle Spells | Rituals and Rites of Home and Personal Protection”

For personal care and ridding yourself of that uneasy feeling, please go here:

Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Bathing Bars for Personal Care”

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