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I have a question. I have heard somewhere that when you are confused about which color of candle to use it is best to use a plain white candle. Is this true? – Linda, TN

Hi Linda,

Yes indeed, this is true. The reason you should always consider using white when “in a pinch” because white is the reflection of all colors, just as black is the absorption of all colors.

Using white candles comes from the ancient times when candles were made of sheep tallow and a creamy off white color. Old conjurers would roll the candle in oil and herbs to power the candle for whatever intention you wanted it to be used for and the adding of color to candles began in the late 60’s or early 70’s.

When in doubt about colors of wax candles to use for your candle spells, please click here for this category on the Free Candle Spells site.

So, if something comes up and you cannot make it to the candle shop, getting a 7-day “novena” vigil candle form your local grocer will work just as fine, as long as you have a good petition written and a good quality oil like the ones offered at Lucky 13 Clover Spiritual Supply

Thanks for the good question!


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